ZingChart Documentation

Quickstart Guide

Just getting started? Dive right in with Your First JavaScript Chart.

API Reference

Adding interactivity to your chart? Explore our extensive API.

Studio App

Easily build and store your charts in our ZingSoft Studio.


Adding Chart Elements

We have tutorials for each of our Chart Elements. Learn how to add and style chart scales, legends, tooltips, and more.

Adding Chart Features

Want to add more features to your chart? Check out our tutorials for crosshairs, drilldown, zooming, and more!

JSON Configuration

See the full list of available JSON attributes at our JSON configuration reference.

Importing Data

Import CSV data, connect your chart to a MySQL database, or learn how to set up a real-time data feed.


Use ZingChart with your tech stack: we have integrations for Angular, React, Vue, and more!

Style Your Charts

All of our charts and features are totally customizable. Check out one of our prebuilt themes or refer to our Styling docs for in depth styling tutorials.

Chart Types