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ZingChart v2.8.8

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  • New Chart Type: Violin Charts
  • New Chart Type: Flame Charts
  • Added item > highlightstate and marker > highlightstate on legend
  • Extended boxplot format of data to [key, min, lowerq, med, upperq, max] format demo here

New Documentation

Notable Fixes

  • Added legend_mouseover and legend_mouseout events
  • Added option to set license information to zingchart namespace with `zingchart.
  • BoxPlot updates:
    • Fixed issue with attributes from series items not being transferred to boxplot series
  • Data export updates: Fixed issue with datetime values in HTML table ignoring utc and timezone parameters
  • Added data_export event which fires for every value being exported and allows for optional preformatting
  • Added more flexibility to range plots in mixed chart context
  • BubblePie charts work now when placed in a multichart graphset
  • Cleared WorldCountries map removed specific @EUROPE filters for NOR and ISL. RUS@EUROPE and RUS@ASIA will however stay as a different tokens due to geographic specificity
  • Fixed sorting of plots via legend
  • Fixed bug with chart auto layout when browsing legend pages
  • Fixed issue with ring charts loaded via custom build
  • Fixed problem with custom builds (created via build generator) failing to render ring charts.
  • Fixed issue with shadow not being rendered in specific cases
  • Fixed issues with global 'mouseout' event
  • Fixed issues with legend items text setup
  • Fixed issues with scale string labels being treated as numbers
  • Fixed issues with selection not being reset in specific cases
  • Fixed maps blocking page scroll (via mouse wheel). Page scroll is no longer blocked by map charts. In case scrolling on maps is enabled, use the ALT key to force page scroll instead of map zooming.
  • Renamed conflicting API's. Renamed object related 'getobjectinfo' API to 'getlabelinfo' and 'getshapeinfo' to prevent name conflict with the generic 'getobjectinfo' API
  • Added Math.log10() polyfill for IE

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Use the ZingChart CDN

The ZingChart CDN is the quickest way to get started.

Getting Started

  1. Copy <script src=""></script>
  2. Paste right before the </body> tag.
  3. Make your first chart with ZingChart!

Note: Our CDN service is intended as an introductory convenience tool. We strongly recommend either downloading ZingChart to your environment, or accessing it through your preferred package manager.

Use a Package Manager

Install Via NPM

$ npm install zingchart

Install Via Bower

$ bower install zingchart

Install Via NuGet

PM> Install-Package ZingChart

Make Your First Chart

ZingChart's declarative syntax makes it easy to create your first chart in seconds.

Getting Started

  1. Copy or download the demo below
  2. Update the ZingChart script path to point to your installation of ZingChart (or use the CDN)
  3. Open the demo in your browser!
  4. Read the ZingChart documentation, check out the gallery, or email us for help
<!doctype html>
  <!-- Script Reference [1] -->
  <script src="path/to/zingchart.min.js"></script>
  <!-- Chart Placement [2] -->
  <div id="chartDiv"></div>
    var chartData = {
      // Specify your chart type
      "type": "bar",
      // Add your series data
      "series": [
        { "values": [35, 42, 67, 89] },
        { "values": [28, 40, 39, 36] }
    // Render your chart [3]