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ZingChart Changelog


ZingChart: 07-March-2019 Release

Build 2.8.6 release notes

New Features

- Heatmap Plugin - standalone or integrated with various existing chart types.
- Heatmap over XY chart. Demo
- Heatmap over Radar chart. Demo
- Heatmap over geographic maps, static. Demo
- Heatmap over geographic maps, live. Demo
- Heatmap configured as scatter chart with 1M nodes. Demo
- Standalone Heatmap set up to mimic the Game of Life. Demo
- Various performance related updates.
- Added logarithmic progression on treemaps.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed label positioning issues on maps.
- Fixed inconsistent zoom levels when scrolling charts.
- Various minor fixes.
Follow @ZingChart on Twitter and for demos.

ZingChart: 28-January-2019 Release

Build 2.8.5 release notes

New Features

- New Organizational Charts.
- Introduced ability to hide specific goals for bubble charts. Demo
- Reduced the limits of zoom to minimum 2 scale steps and 10x10 pixels. Demo
- Allow pagescroll mobile context menu item to be disabled.
- Standard behaviors can be overridden by gui settings set for each graph.
- Mobile touch scroll zooming will now scroll on nodes.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed alpha attribute for type poly objects.
- Fixed bug where legend and view source were blocking scrollbar in certain areas.
- Fixed download XLS option giving corrupted file warning in certain excel versions.
- Fixed double data tables edge case.
- Fixed Venn Diagram tooltip issues.
- Fixed zoom bug breaking specific charts.
Follow @ZingChart on Twitter and for demos.

ZingChart: 11-December-2018 Release

Build 2.8.4 release notes

New Features

- Tree module (hierarchy trees and force directed graphs)
- BubbleLegend module
- built-in logic for choropleth maps
- ColorScale module
- ability to customize container for DataTable view

Bug Fixes

- fixed issue with chart failing to load on 100% stacked areas with no data
- fixed visual issues with bullet stacked charts
- fixed visual issues with gauge charts
- fixed issues with DataTable view in full screen mode
- fixed associations on multiple scales sharing string values
- fixed tooltip positioning via API
- fixed minor bug related to secondary scales zooming
- applied minor tweaks on 3dline and 3darea charts
Follow @ZingChart on Twitter and for demos.

ZingChart: 25-October-2018 Release

Build 2.8.3 release notes

New Features

- New DepthChart plugin. Demo
- New BubblePack plugin. Demo1 Demo2 Demo3
- New pieTransform options for pie charts. Demo1 Demo2 Demo3 Demo4 Demo5
- Tokens %kv and %scale-key-value no longer transform dates, they display the given value. To transform dates, use %kt or %scale-key-text.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed decimal data displays on scales.

ZingChart: 03-October-2018 Release

Build 2.8.2 release notes

New Features

- Radar chart with piano aspect. Demo
- Clustering nodes attribute. Demo1 Demo2 Demo3 Demo4

Bug Fixes

- Fixed touch zoom pinch dragging on node.
- Fixed destroy method error.

ZingChart: 25-September-2018 Release

Build 2.8.1 release notes

New Features

- New Sunburst type chart. Demo1 Demo2

Performance Features

- Memory management improvements.
- Improved error handling on edge case scenarios.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed edge case where scaleX had double month labels.
- Fixed issue where last two points would register as a single hover event.
- Fixed conflicts between chart resize and destroy calls.

ZingChart: 21-August-2018 Release

Build 2.8.0 release notes

New Features

- Added rgba to include alpha properties.
- Allow getobjectinfo method for scales to return x/y information and height and width. Demo
- Added functionality to right click export csv, xls and showing a html table with the data.
- New Heatbar chart. Demo
- New Grouped Data Bar chart. Demo
- New Hexmaps plugin. Demo1 Demo2 Demo3
- New Sparklines chart. Demo
- New Pictograph Module. Demo
- New Scatterplot Matrices. Demo 
- New Variable Width Bar Chart. Demo
- New Vector Plot Chart. Demo1 Demo2
- Improved column highlighting. Demo

Bug Fixes

- Fixed CSS transform tooltip issue.
- Allow alpha to work on markers with label tolerance.
- Fixed ring chart issue with value 99.99.
- Fixed legend overflow issue.
- Fixed treemap labelclick event issues with pathway.
- Fixed memory leak issues.
- Fixed edge case zooming bug.
- Fixed pre build exception error.
- Fixed rgba issue causing blue lines.
- Fixed range band working with rgba.

ZingChart: 06-July-2018 Release

Build 2.7.3 release notes

Bug Fixes

- Fixed mobile node clicks and tooltips.

ZingChart: 20-June-2018 Release

Build 2.7.2 release notes

New Features

- New Scorecard type charts! Article
- New Zoom style buttons! Demo1 Demo2
- Added new parameter to specify file name when using exportimage api. Demo
- OffsetX now works on tick objects. 
- Drag zooming now works if started on a node. Demo
- fixed-items attribute now works on the default chart state.
- New Angular 5 integration demo. Demo
- New React JS integration demo. Demo
- New Vue JS integration demo. Demo

Bug Fixes

- Fixed hooked labels not aligning properly on horizontal bar charts.
- Fixed an edge case zooming bug when using preview and legend hover.
- Fixed getdata to work in fullscreen mode.
- Fixed zooming and appendseriesdata api causing charts to disappear.

ZingChart: 03-May-2018 Release

Build 2.7.1 release notes

New Features

- Added new scale label placement options. Demo
- Added new Preview Scales format. Demo
- Added crosshair timeout for mobile charts. Demo
- Added labels to be parsed on %kt and values to be parsed on %kv and %kt. Demo

Performance Features

- Implemented performance updates on 3D systems.
- Improved optimization for charts with large data sets.
- Improved export server performance speed.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed selection on individual bars with desktop/mobile.
- Fixed animated gifs in the noData object.
- Fixed Chord Diagram small white ghost cords.
- Fixed png/pdf export failing in old IE versions in fullscreen mode.
- Fixed scaleX tooltips that would not show up if values were set in scaleX object.
- Fixed edge case where zooming in/out and hovering legend would sometimes leave unwanted lines on line charts.

ZingChart: 10-April-2018 Release

Build 2.7.0 release notes

New Features

- Improved preview window usability and feature improvements. Demo
- New “Spark” theme available. Demo
- Added new legend checkbox types. Demo1, Demo2, Demo3
- Added show-zero attribute in the plot object to show zero percent in a pie chart. Demo
- Added Singapore in the world countries map. Demo
- Added feature to allow disabling right click context menu but still allowing the context menu to be opened with API calls. Demo
- Made the scroll handle easier to click when zooming. Demo

Performance Features

- Minor tweaks to library to improve performance with large datasets.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed bug where crosshair plot-area guide labels were not showing for series with only one point.
- Fixed issue where noData attribute was not being applied via theme. Note: noData object is required in the main JSON for this to work. Demo
- WordCloud charts are now forced to show all items regardless of the size of the chart. Demo
- Fixed a ZingChart library console error associated with Chrome 65.
- Fixed bug where the Valley county of Montana was missing.
- Fixed issues with appendseriesvalues api.
- Fixed issue where removenode method was not working if there was a null value.
- Fixed phantomJS export bug where labels were not exported correctly.

ZingChart: 08-March-2018 Release [Beta]

Build 2.6.5 release notes

New Features

- Added JSRules to scale items to facilitate setting html image tags on scaleX labels.

Performance Features

- Increased performance for event select_node.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed mobile bug where Bars would not stay selected if selected by tap.
- Fixed scroll locking in mobile with gui : {'page-scroll':false}.
- Fixed zooming in mobile. To use mobile zooming use code: zingchart.TOUCHZOOM = 'pinch';
- Fixed tooltips for scale labels.
- Fixed exception error if array ends with [null,null].

ZingChart: 14-February-2018 Release [Beta]

Build 2.6.4 release notes

New Features

- Added ability to set multiple url attributes to a single series. This allows for multiple drilldowns for a single series bar chart.  Demo
- Added minimum limit to the height of scrollY handles. Demo
- Added minimum limit to the width of scrollX handles. Demo

Bug Fixes

- Fixed bug with mouse wheel zooming on maps which was causing zooming and scrolling to happen simultaneously. 
- Fixed issue where scaleX would reset on multiple zooms.
- Fixed bug where a bottom positioned legend would shift when %plot-sum is used and chart is hovered. 
- Fixed radar tooltip background-color styling.
- Dynamic margin bug fixed.

ZingChart: 26-January-2018 Release

Build 2.6.3 release notes

New Features

- Added vrange type charts. Demo
- Added sticky tooltips on labels with HTML content. Demo

Performance Features

- Fixed memory leak introduced by map node cloning.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed bug making the treemap turn all black when "aspect-type":"default" and when all values are the same. Demo
- Fixed treemap transitions when the chart contains multiple treemaps.
- Fixed side effects from 2.6.1 to 2.6.2 update:
    - Fixed broken defaults like palettes are not being applied.
    - Fixed value boxes being displayed by default.
    - Fixed legends being displayed by default.
- Fixed issue where multiple boxplots in one graphset would cause whiskers to disappear or connect to the other boxplot.
    - Demo
    - Demo
- Fixed bug where horizontal histograms were not accepting offsetX/offsetY on scaleX. 
- Fixed issue with pie valueboxes showing wrong values when plots are toggled.
- Fixed issue with crosshair control on specific page positioning.
- Fixed issue where tooltip would stay after selection of bars.
- Fixed error in FireFox caused by draggable legends.
- Fixed issue with horizontal bar charts where if step was set the chart would disappear.
- Made draggable work properly on shared charts.

ZingChart: 11-December-2017 Release

Build 2.6.2 release notes

New Features

- Labels for groups of bars. Demo
- Set max width of bars using bar-max-width. Demo
- Set title as clickable url. Demo
- Allows y-axis to function like the x-axis with zooming and using string labels. Need to use step:1, fixed-step:true on scale-y object. Demo
- Allows Legend state as collapsed using collapse:true in the legend object. Demo
- Allows aligning 0 on multiple Y-Axis'. Demo
- For valueBox placement with radar added placement options (in/out/over).
- Set scaleY 0 index to be plotted at 0%. Demo
- Added additional layouts for plotLabel, especially useful when plotLabels are too large and cut off. Demo
- scalableyaxis plugin allows for users to drag scales. Demo
- Added "preview-state" object to series items to be able to override style displayed in the preview box. This only applies to bar, line and area charts. Demo
- Added custom alpha-area for a specific node in a series. Demo

Updated Features

- Updated NodeJS build
- New chord attribute "group-padding": 110 allow for radial space between bands for a different chord look. Demo
- Added multiguide plugin to pin crosshairs to the chart by clicking. Demo

Performance Features

- Complete reset of ZC.cache when reaching the max cache limit in the browser.
- New development flag DEV.SKIPTCONTEXTMENU to skip rendering the context menu. Demo

Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue with mobile plugin causing errors when crosshairX is disabled.
- Fixed issue with 1px borderTop not rendering on some bars.
- Fixed issue with exporting charts when output set to 'SVG' on IE returning image data of -1.
- Fixed Line Issue with newest Node.js build throwing error.
- Fixed issue with getxyinfo method returning wrong values when chart containers has CSS matrix transformations.
- Fixed issue with preview not toggling with legend click.
- Fixed issue with tooltip not being destroyed with realtime charts.
- Fixed issue when resizing the window the chart series order gets mixed up making the chord chart relationships invalid.
- Fixed issue with download svg on context menu.
- Fixed issue with crosshairY not working with hotfix4.
- Fixed issue on zooming on maps with "scaled" items (AK in USA for example). Demo
- Fixed issue with area charts not stacking correctly.
- Fixed issue with value box showing double values due to overlap. Demo
- Fixed Y-scale zooming. Demo
- Fixed value boxes disappearing on selected state the first click and appearing on subsequent states. Demo
- Fixed selected state for calendars. Demo
- Fixed issue displaying single bar plot on X axis having extra space. Demo
- Fixed bug with preview not toggling on modify plot. Demo
- Fixed issue where tooltip persisted on real-time plots. Demo

ZingChart: 10-July-2017 Release

Build 2.6.1 release notes

New Features

- scalableyaxis plugin allows for users to drag scales Demo
- Added "preview-state" object to series items to be able to override style displayed in the preview box. This only applies to bar, line and area charts. Demo
- Added "connect-nulls" to series items (works currently only on line/area in fast mode) to draw lines through large breaks in data that are filled with null values Demo
- Arrow tip removal through aspect: [0,0] Demo
- New zoom variables emitted xzoomed : true || false
yzoomed : true || false. Hiding and showing buttons on Zoom is now a breeze. Demo
- Added support for CSS matrix transformations on chart containers Demo

Updated Features

- New chord attribute "group-padding": 110 allow for radial space between bands for a different chord look Demo
- Added multiguide plugin to pin crosshairs to the chart by clicking Demo
- Maps scrolling flag allows you to turn scroll zoom on and off Demo
- gauge charts to csv parser Demo
- placement option for radar value box  placement: (in | over | out). Position can also be tweaked with offset-r attribute Demo
- Added collapse:true to legend to force minimized initial state Demo
- Added single-line: true attribute in crosshairX. Ised with exact: false it will show all plot labels but display only one crosshair line and scale label. Typicall used when null values are present and multiple guides are showing up.
- Added alt tags to image map for 508 compliance. Alt tag is empty and will pass the 508 compliance test telling screen readers it is decorative and not informational.
- Image export APIs and routines now export preview window state (both SVG and CANVAS) Demo
- "auto-fit": true || false as an option of the 3d-aspect object. If true, the zoom attribute is modified automatically so that the chart will fit into the container (takes into account plotarea margins).
- label_click events for title and scale label objects
- Custom tokens added for scale-x and scale-y to allow for custom scale tooltip textarea Demo

Performance Features

- Complete reset of ZC.cache when reaching the max cache limit in the browser.
- New development flag DEV.SKIPTCONTEXTMENU to skip rendering the context menu Demo
- New development flag  DEV.SKIPPROGRESS to skip rendering the waiting log  Demo
- Updates for speed when rendering bar charts Demo
- Updates for speed when rendering bubble charts Demo
- optimization for checking the logo only once when there are multiple charts on the page
- preview chart rendering optimizations for speed
- Replaced eval() statement on jsRule which was causing a minor memory leak

Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue on zooming on maps with "scaled" items (AK in USA for example) Demo
- Draggable legends will now retain their relative position in case chart resizes.
- plotarea margin: 'dynamic' accounts for rotated text spacing
- Scrolling over charts when maps are loaded on the same page causing script errors
- Legend state (with toggle-action:remove) will persist on chart update/reload
- Fixed zingchart.maps.zoomTo() being obfuscated
- Duplicate gui object in the chart JSON after render
- stacked bar charts throws script error when first series contains all null values
- Disabled zooming and scrolling on funnel charts because those attributes flipped the chart upside down
- Fixed error on null funnel nodes
- Fixed issue with printable versions of charts being left in a "detached" state, on the left-top area of the window
- preview fix for VML charts
- Changed floating point detection amongst pie charts
- legend broken with charts created through CSV
- Fixed SVG gradients not being destroyed on guide move
- Fixed zoom/scroll behavior on mirrored scales
- Fixed bug with zoomTo call when scale-x is not defined
- Fixed legend DOM node not being cleared on chart repaint
- Fixed issue with labels displaying that have the hook attributes and the hooked nodes are not visible

ZingChart: 5-April-2017 Release

Build 2.6.0 release notes

click to zoom gif

Potentially breaking change! Maps now have zooming enabled by default.

New Map Updates

- zoom controls
- double click to zoom where cursor is 
- scroll to zoom where cursor is 
- panning 
- zoomTo API Demo
- styling/placement of the zoom controls Demo

In previous versions of ZingChart the maps supported an unconventional and obsolete way of Zooming with x/y coordinates. The new updates allow for zooming, panning and scrolling on maps. We plan to increase the efficiency of this zoom in upcoming releases.

NOTE: The new zooming does not work with bounding-box. This shouldn't be a problem for many, just something that deserves an honorable mention. In this case you should turn off the new zooming functionality.

  • turning off new maps zoom functionality Demo

New Features

- ZingChart Maps Zooming  Demo
- Stacked bar attributes %stack-average and %stack-length Demo
- Previously released in v2.5.2 was %stack-total Demo
- New svg export functionality. You no longer need just canvas to use getimagedata Demo
- Improved Bar Chart rendering speed with mode:'fast' coupled with maxTrackers:0 will increase the render time by over half. Demo
- SVG scatter charts rendering speed were improved. This is the custom code to gain back tooltips and hoverState Demo
- 3d toolbar has been added back into the build Demo

Updated Features

- TimeZone attribute now supports float values Demo
- plotLabel now supports rules and jsRule. Great for mapping variables within your plotLabel.text Demo
- added extra tokens usable also on node related rules (%node-x, %node-y, %node-width, %node-height, %node-size)
- extended parameters passed in the jsRule handlers (containing node info: x, y, width, height, size)
- scaleLabel on crosshairY (for value scales), not being bound by nodes, accept the following tokens (%scale-value, %scale-text and %coord) or parameters in jsRule (value, text, coord). Coord can be either the x position or the y position, depending on chart type (line vs vline for example)
- scaleLabel now supports rules and jsRule Demo
- removenode API method now accepts nodekeyvalue as parameter Demo
- node information now contains selection status for that node
- added minMarker and maxMarker objects to allow for different marker styling on Range charts Demo
- New Logic for the attribute exact:true and displaying crosshair appropriately.
- 3d chart logic was revamped to allow annotations and cooler depth styling Demo
  - improved 3d layout online,area, reverted display order on z axis, fixed clipping
  - added depth attribute for plot (to be able to force size of the plot band) 
  - added axis object on scales
  - implemented both toggle actions (hide | remove)
  - fixed placement of objects using hook attributes in the 3d space
- added a global object graph, positioned at same level as graphset which will propagate on all graphs of the graphset. Much likeplot does to series Demo
- Added object:true option to update API to ease the work with objects. Multiple additions of objects have to be set with update:false parameter and after all object additions, update API needs to be called.
- Added 'max-values' parameter to addseriesvalues to force the chart to remove old nodes when appending new ones Demo
- implemented preview window for Range charts

Bug Fixes

- Line chart with aspect:'spline' works with preview object
- Scale tooltips always displaying 0 index of scale in tooltip
- Chord diagram labels fixed. Original plotarea changes in v2.5.0 broke the vertical item labels Demo
- background-color within ring object on Gauge charts
- %total and thousandsSeparator within the tooltip object now works Demo
- Borders on legend.header and legend.footer work independently
- 100% height and fixed chart width no longer resizes the chart on load
- Rendering bug on html-tooltips with placement attribute
- Issue with crosshairs when plotLabel has header-text
- Selection tool no longer fires when dragging preview window
- zoomTo issues with graphs in a graphset
- dual plotted line with Line chart with aspect:'spline', a couple points and small chart width
- Pie Chart disappearing with odd values like values:[110.67]
- valueBox.backgroundColor fixed on charts with output:'canvas' Demo
- Bar sizing issue when hooked labels exists in JSON and user is zooming in & out of the chart.
- rendering issues with aspect:spline for Range charts
- markers disappear on zoom for Range charts

ZingChart: 5-January-2017 Release

Build 2.5.2 release notes

New Features

- %stack-top will allow you to easily figure out which bar plot is at the top of your stack. You can now easily display a valueBox at the top of your stack using the new token within rules!
  - demo
- valueBox array for bullet charts. You can define the two types of `valueBoxe`'s you want through `placement: goal || top`.
  - demo
- Update rankflow charts attribute to destroy left column with "options" : { "global-ranking" : false } which forces the chart to the full width of the div
  - demo

Update Features

- Selection tool allows click to be registered. This enables the capability to click and clear selection
  - demo
- Added data-append-selection: true | false to plot to allow for multiple groups of selection.
  - demo
- Hiding a plot with hooked labels to nodes will also hide the labels now. Whether or not you have legend.toggleAction defined as remove or hide.

Bug Fixes

- Gauge value-box missing on non-animated charts
- Fixed bar bounds not being updated on animation (causing selection tool failing to detect proper intersections)
- Fixed bug with stack attribute
- Fixed issue with bar indexes not being reset on mixed charts resulting in bad display when zooming the chart
- Resize event using cached size values fixed
- Responsiveness in firefox fixed
- Microsoft edge/ie bug with floating point error values
- Fixed issue with bar sizing on legend toggle when a chart has animation and "legendToggle": "remove"
- Fixed bug with scale markers and resize event changing alpha of marker.
  - cool demo
- Fixed valueBox disappearing on animated guage chart when resizing window
- Updated setdata event caching old chart attributes
- scale markers changing color on resize fixed
- Stacked bar misaligning labels
- highlight plot and then legend tooltip with mediaRules
- powered by ZingChart logo being appended multiple times
- offsetValue and actual value within 1 getting plotted incorrectly
- multiple crosshairs showing up on data with array of array logic [[]]
  - an adjacent solution might be add crosshairX.exact = true
- certain animation configurations fixed on waterfall charts   

ZingChart: 1-December-2016 Release

Build 2.5.1 release notes

New Features

- Multiple divs + shared crosshairs is finally here!
 - demo
- Grouped scale text is easily achievable
 - demo
- Full width crosshair line will highlight tick sections
 - demo
- %offset-values token was adding for floating bars
 - demo
- scale-v and scale-k tooltips added
 - demo
- implemented active-area by default for radar charts. active-area triggers the hover-state when mouseover the area portion of the plot.
 - demo
- Grouping of shapes to apply updates to them as a whole. Works for maps and shapes.
 - maps demo
 - shapes demo

Update Features

-  Callback for feeds now passes back graph information so you can use a single function to return different values to different charts
 - demo
- Selection tool works better with more chart types and styling
 - Comprehensive selection tool information here
 - bar graph demo
- Updated animations with value-box to look a lot smoother
 - demo
- Stream graphs work better with feeds now
 - demo
- 3d-facets was added to the DOM to allow hover-state styling for 3d charts
 - demo
- extended label hoook fucntionality to scales
 - demo
- crosshair scale-labels now have better callout positions
 - demo

Bug Fixes

- Feeds now work with API appropriately. No longer speeds up.
 - This demo dynamically applies a new set of rules to the chart to determine color during feed runtime.
- globals inheritance issues
- Legend minimization hiding legend
- API events causing resize issues
- preview window caching old values when using API
- When rendering multiple charts, tooltip is fired on both charts sometimes
- Stream chart animation fixed
- Bug ignoring scale-r.ring.size attribute
- Rounding error with %total token when total sums to 0 in stacked bar charts
- Preview displaying opposite color when rules are applied to change a chart's color
- Setting zingchart.ASYNC = true resize and repaint issues.
- Value Box issue with charts starting with plots initially hidden (visible:false)
- margin:dynamic fixed for chord charts
- Chord charts with all 0 values will render now
- Fixed dynamically updating pie charts with all plots hidden
- Changes for offsetStart and offsetEnd on bubble charts

Documentation Updates

- New Kitchen Sink

- Updated Drilldown tutorial

- Updated CSV tutorial

- New no data JSON attribute

- New markers tutorial

- New graphset tutorial

ZingChart: 13-October-2016 Release

Build 2.5.0 release notes

Flexbox Updates

Potentially breaking change! ZingChart now works well with Flexbox. This is a potential breaking change as ZingChart now has some new behaviors related to zingchart.render({height}) attribute. In previous versions of ZingChart the height would default to 480px if no container height was defined and no height was defined in zingchart.render(). If a user defines zingchart.render({height:100%}) then the default height is no longer 480px. Now, if the container height is 0px it will look like the chart has not rendered because the chart inherited that height. The easiest way to alleviate this problem is to set a min height on the container element using CSS.

flexbox gif unavailable
- ZingChart now works well with Flexbox.  Demo

New Features

- Selection tool. Demo
- Stream Graphs. Demo
- Stream Graph feed. Demo
- New event for context menu. You can use it to turn off right click on nodes in the following Demo

Updated Features

- added jsRule on radar charts. Demo
- background image position has been adjusted for radial charts. Demo
- treemap has new layout options:
    - random
    - squarify
    - squarifyV2
    - balancedV2 default is balanced
- added a new hover layer for plot hover state. You can now have hoverstate behind certain items like scales. This option can be enabled with zingchart.DEV.PLOTSHLAYER  Demo
- added new active attribute in the zoom object to allow disabling of the zoom mask. Demo
- If legend item and marker are set to{visible: false} the legend will become invisible. Demo
- Selected state now preserved on graph API interactions and resize events. Demo
- Token %pie-total-value works with decimals attribute. Demo
- Gauge default tooltip color now inherits from background color. Demo

Bug Fixes

- Fixed inidividual plot toggling visibility through API methods appendseriesdata and setseriesdata
- Fixed issue with trailing $ crashing JVM on plot_name
- Fixed treemap bug with clicking and deleting characters from title name
- Fixed jsRule in valueBox objects only being called once
- Fixes on canvas text rendering
- Zooming a chart, hovering nodes, then returning zoom level with viewall issue fixed. 
- Fixed bug with multiple scales and multiple stacked chart types.
- Fixed bug with multiple chords on the same page.
- Fixed bug with bar plots not being drawn at all when visible:false is set to a series.
- Fixed issue 3d ring charts side wall missing.

Documentation Updates

- New Maps Documentation
- New Docs Navigation

ZingChart: 03-August-2016 Release

Build 2.4.1 release notes

New Features

- Media Rules allow you to create responsive charts that can be viewed across different desktop and mobile devices. See the new build blog post for more demos.

Updated Features

- Logarithmic scales are now available on scaleX
- Added zoom:false flag on zoomto API (to skip the actual zoom on chart)
- Added cubic bezier curves; fixed curves on VML
- Preview is set to live by default for the light and dark themes

Bug Fixes

- Fixed styles array bug
- Updated time-series step values for month and year
- Disabled the default hover-state on pareto
- Fixed graphset layout not being reset on a setdata API call
- Fixed graph height when absolute positioning is used and 'height' attribute is not provided
- Fixed crosshair issues on [k, v] data with duplicate k values
- Fixed bugs detecting plots via plotid param on showplot/hideplot API calls
- Fixed selection issues
- Legend fixes (bottom position no longer forces the layout)
- Fixed guide issues (guide appearing on wrong chart when graphset has
multiple charts)
- Fixed bar dimensions when multiple key scales are used
- Fixed tooltips on drilldown charts
- API Methods appendseriesdata and setseriesdata properly toggle plot visibility now

Documentation Updates

- New Media Rules Tutorial
- ZingChart Help Center is continually updated with new questions and answers
- Context Menu
- Scales

ZingChart: 06-July-2016 Release

Build 2.4.0 release notes

New Features

- We created a new Mobile Charts Plugin that allows users to interact with and use touch gestures when reading JavaScript charts on mobile devices. The plugin is currently supported on bar, line, area, scatter, bubble, pie, and donut charts.

Updated Features

- Enabled heat map scrolling on both x- and y-axes.
- Enabled styling for legend scrollbar and handle.
- Improved the logic on the following bar chart-related attributes:
    - "bar-space"
    - "bar-width"
    - "bars-overlap"
    - "bars-space-left"
    - "bars-space-right
- Improved logic on boxplot legend plotting so that only one legend item/marker is plotted if no data outlier is specified.
- Improved data normalization on bubble charts so that if excess parameters are included in the "values" array, they are automatically omitted.
- Introduced graphid parameter when calling showmenu API.
- Added x and y parameters to the showmenu API to enable context menu positioning.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed addnode API method so that it works for 2D data sets and time-series data sets.
- Fixed calendar charts. Learn more with the Calendar Charts Tutorial.
- Fixed %npv token on standalone labels.
- Fixed "wrap-text" attribute.
- Removed default value boxes from nested pie charts.
- Fixed scale-x.opposite items shift on zoom bug.
- Fixed tooltip.wrap-text.
- Fixed disappearing pie chart on continual legend click (canvas).
- Fixed zoom-to-values so that on a graphset, it applies to all graphs in the graphset.
- Fixed API showplot/hideplot and window re-size so that it doesn't lose legend state.
- Fixed pie chart hover tooltip with window-resize.
- Fixed scale-x.item.flat = false.
- Fixed hideprogresslogo and crosshairX bug.
- Fixed crosshairX so that it displays with multiple series containing null values.
- Fixed dynamic margins on plotarea.
- Fixed so that generated SVG validates against BasicSVG
- Fixed inline HTML and getimagedata so that it parses/renders correctly.

Documentation Updates

- We launched a new ZingChart Help Center! Intended to supplement our existing docs and tutorials, you can search for information on specific chart types and tools. Our recent blog post provides more information.
- New Mobile Charts Tutorial for our new mobile charts plugin.
- Interactive Legends
- Shared Interactions 
- Pie Charts
- Nested Pie Charts

ZingChart: 12-May-2016 Release

Build 2.3.3 release notes

New Features

- Pie Chart / Apple Watch
- Added detached: true attribute.  This allows designated pie slices to start in the detached position and still maintain expected functionality.
- Added additional API “clicknode”.  The used with the existing label_click event will allow developers to fire the clicknode api via the existing label_click event.
- Added ability to set visibility for preview window.
- Implemented full zooming behavior for heatmaps

Updated Features

- Added %node-percent-value (or %npv) token to standalone labels.
- Added “hover-state” object to error bars. This allows users to turn off hover visibility on the error bars, which is especially helpful on bar charts.
- Expanded error bars to work on inverted charts (hbar, vline, varea), in addition to bar, line, area, and scatter.
- “handle” object on preview charts updated to style all four handles simultaneously. (For individual styling, use “handle-left”, “handle-right”, “handle-top”, and “handle-bottom” objects.)
- HOVER STATE stuff:
  - AREA and LINE charts only: “hover-state” is turned off by default. It turns on when the user creates a “hover-state” object. By default, the “alpha” is now set to 1 and the “alpha-area” is set to 0.25. (Markers are styled separately in a “hover-marker” object.)
- Tokens
- Scale tooltips display scale values by default
- Default line width on range charts changed to 2
- Solution for crosshair z sorting with legend.  Implemented new attributes to allow developers to set: “top-layer”:”guide” | “legend”
- Added %scale-value as default text in tooltip if nothing is specified

Bug Fixes

- Fixed issue with drawing scale when a plot was set visible:false on chart load then updated via api.
- Fixed small visual inconsistency in the context menu button.
- Fixed hover issue with bubble charts
- Fixed default line-width on range charts to be consistent with current theme.
- Fixed thousandsSeparator in legend
- Fixed issue with zoom-to on scaleX and fixed issue with zoom-to-values on scaleY
- Fixed bug with shard legend.
- Fixed issue with wrapped-text
- Fixex alpha and alpha-area updates for line and area charts
- Fixed setdata on preview console error
- Fixed issue with accuracy of crosshairs
- Fixed hoverState and hoverMarker issue on range charts
- Fixed issue with accepting “scale-y-2”:{},  as scaleY2:{}
- Fixed hoverState issue with funnel chart
- Fixed getplotvalues bug
- Fixed reset preserved zoom status on feed reset bug
- Fixed error with plot info object when chart starts with no data

Documentation Updates

- Error Bars
- Plot/Series Styling
- Standalone Labels
- ZingChart Tokens
- Zooming, Scrollbar, and Preview Chart

ZingChart: 01-Apr-2016 Release

Build 2.3.2 release notes

New Features

- Extended rules to work with “cursor” attribute in plot:{ } and series:[ ]

Updated Features

- Improved styles:[ ] to now also accept objects for configuring multiple attributes.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed preview window visibility issue
- Fixed ‘setdata’ on preview zoom bug in console
- Fixed IE8 Legend-item interactions

This is not an April Fools. We truly released two builds within 24hrs of each other.

ZingChart: 31-Mar-2016 Release

Build 2.3.1 release notes

New Features

- valueRange attribute for allowing markers:[] to be associated to scaleX and scaleY values as opposed to indices.
- Short units for KB, MB, GB, TB, PB 1024 multiples
- Data Normalization Plugin

Updated Features

- Improved animation to allow triggers for legend and api interactions
- Zooming labels improved
- Added alias for radar charts with rose aspect == polar
- Set internal default width to 100%
- Removed explicit default max children for treemaps
- Improved logic for adjust-layout
- Improved logic for dynamic margins

Bug Fixes

- Fixed adjustLayout to compensate for legend paging
- Fixed bug with labels inside of scaleR
- Fixed bug with legend toggleAction: “remove” with shift click
- Fixed nested pie legend bug
- Fixed legend bug with zoom interactions
- Fixed legend cursor bug
- Fixed preview:{visible : false} console error
- Fixed inconsistency between zoomTo and zoomToValues
- Fixed rendering bug for error with incomplete border attribute
- Fixed bug in boxplot drawing logic
- Fixed null data for venn diagrams
- Fixed scroll bars on horizontal bar charts
- Fixed bug when including Δ (delta) in tooltips


- New docs for ZingChart branding

ZingChart: 11-Feb-2016 Release

Build 2.3.0 release notes

New Features

- Blended Scales - can be used with interactive features such as crosshairs, zooming, scrollbars, and preview charts.
- Preview charts can be now added to stock charts
- Fixed Placement Tooltips utilizing placement with attributes node:center,node:top,node:bottom,node:left,node:right, node:out

Updated Features

Stock Charts

- offset-start and offset-end to accept percentage values
- Added tokens for %open, %high, %low, %close
- Default tooltip text displays OHLC data

Improved Tokens

- Added and improved upon tokens accessible from a tooltip or value-box
- %scale-value-value (%vv) and %scale-key-value(%kv)
- %scale-value-label (%vl) and %scale-key-label(%kl)
- %scale-value-text (%vt) and %scale-key-value(%kv)

Legend Highlight

- highlight-state and highlight-marker added to highlight a series when a user mouses over a legend item.

Bug fixes

- Fixed a bug where the view source output order was reversed
- Fixed an issue where Windows devices with touch and mouse capabilities were not registering crosshair events.
- Added label inside of scaleR
- Fixed an issue with stacked bars and null values
- Alpha area not competing with different colors
- Issue where batched API calls were not being executed in order.
- Fixed an issue where markers were sometimes not shown with animated delay.
- Improved auto margins on 3d charts
- Added a polyfill for the SVG.offset removal warning in chrome.
- Fixes to the styles object, and it's hover-state behavior
- Fixed alpha-area attribute on area charts.

ZingChart: 23-Dec-2015 Release

Build 2.2.2 release notes

- Arrow updates
- Fixes on 3d charts, added clipping, scrolling
- Updates on SVG rendering of HTML subset
- API fixes
- Node markers removed from radar "area" aspect
- logscale and "Full Screen" options removed from default context menu
- New placement option and fixes on tooltip
- Improvements on Venn rendering and alignment of nodes
- Increased default max-children on treemap from 10 to 25
- Set scale offset=0 on mixed charts
- Fixed bug on tooltip+canvas introduced on last push
- Fixes on Venn + conditional display of value-boxes
- Fixed bg image issue on animated charts + SVG
- Fixed alignment on guide plot labels

ZingChart: 13-Nov-2015 Release

Build 2.2.1 release notes

- New chart type: Bubble Pie Chart
- “heatmap” alias added for piano chart
- JS rules now allow parameters - Added custom data- tokens to rankflow charts - Added default scale-x guide to bubble and piano - Added min-size on bubble charts - Bubble chart scaling attribute now only accepts area (default) and radius. (Previously accepted sqrt as well.) - Removed scale-x guides by default for all but scatter - Fixed fill-angle in area charts (in fast mode) - Added dashdot as a new option for line-style - The following new defaults have been set for gauge charts: - gauge.plot.size : '75%' - scale.sizeFactor : 1 - scaleR.aperture : 270 - fixed fill-angle in area charts (in fast mode) - tooltip positioning fixes & improvements - fixes on hover states on "stacked" scatter charts - preventing bubble chart to crash when data is not well formatted - removed console.log from scrolling code - small fixes on gauges (visual artifacts, other updates) - Fix to context menu not appearing with build code - Fix to boxplot, removed camelcase defaults - Fix to build script - stacked area bug fixes - preview box bug fixes - Boxplot fix for line median level and themes - fixed broken area chart when aspect is spline - fixes on bubble chart (calculation of the default max-size for bubbles) - changed default sizing on bubbles to handle single bubbles per plot - fixed crosshair-x precision when scale-x has non-integer values

ZingChart: 2-Nov-2015 Release

Build 2.2.0 release notes

- New default theme 'light' and alternate 'dark'. 
Note : The new default theme will break charts created using previous builds. A 'classic' theme
is provided for backwards compatibility.
The new theme can be set in three different ways:
1. Global (ex : zingchart.THEME = 'light';)
2. In the render object with the 'theme' parameter
3. In the chart object.
Precendence cascades as follows global -> render -> chart
- New context menu look and feel for the new theme.
- Attributes 'docked', 'position' and 'alpha' added.
- The context menu button can now be shown without being on a mobile device.
- New watermark styling for light and dark themes
- Bug fixes:
- Issue with scrollbar and legend
- hbullet chart rendering
- crosshair alignment
- realtime tooltip flickering
- Gauge Chart
- Ability to customize the needle indicator
- Bubble Chart
- Added 'max-size', 'scaling', and 'size-factor' attributes.
- 'scaling' can set to either 'area'(default) or 'radius'
- Added disputed map areas to the India map.

ZingChart: 4-Sep-2015 Release

Build 2.1.4 release notes

- Added “overflow”:”scroll” to legend and added “highlight-legend”:true | false to plot
- Various maps updates.
- Added “week”, “month” and “year” step sizes on time series scales
- Fixes in Rhino specific code (core classes, object sorting, venn)
- Rhino build & test suite
- Fixed shared crosshair on YX charts
- Fixed scrolling on YX charts
- Improvements on piano (heat map), added rules for value-box elements to be able to style the node and the value-box independently
- Bubble charts now accept negative values. The absolute value is
used. A rule to differentiate positive from negative values is recommended
- plotarea -> mask-tolerance now accepts an array of 2 values, [(normal layer tolerance in pixels), (hover layer tolerance in pixels)] values, allowing objects/nodes which go outside the plotarea to still be visible
- Fixed multiple value-box objects on pie and pie3d charts charts
- Fixed style conflicts when existing page style has a title attribute
- Fixed html-mode tooltips when rendering in canvas
- Math fixes when dealing with very small numbers
- Fixes on guide lines on opposite scales
- Pixel overlap fix on histogram charts
- Preview box now inherits the bg style of the plotarea

ZingChart: 24-Jul-2015 Release

Build 2.1.3 release notes

-Added crosshair objects to YX charts (hbar, vline, varea, etc…)
-Normal and inversed scales now match 1:1
-Fixes on zoom, scroll, and scroll bars
-Fixed setLineDash problems in canvas
-New toolbar3D and dragging modules
-MODULESDIR path now defaults to directory where library lives, instead of current domain
-Luminance detection for ZingChart watermark
-Legend alignment fixes
-Error bar fixes for negative value nodes, as well as line and area charts
-Transform > item is no longer visible by default
-Fixed issue where scale labels would be painted twice
-Fixes on refresh module
-Updates on piano nodes to allow for inactive nodes
-Gauge charts now allow multiple scales
-%pie-total-value token added for pie charts
-Calendar module
-locktooltip/unlocktooltip API methods added
-Maps now scale by default
-Fixed errors in crosshairs on charts having null values in secondary series
-Fixed markers not appearing on secondary series when labels are grouped
-Fixed opacity issues on radar charts
-Changed default chart dimensions to 640x480
-Updated defineModule() method to require return value from module definition function
-Improved scale type detection on mixed charts
-Removed Herobrine
-Various bug fixes

ZingChart: 12-Jun-2015 Release

Build 2.1.2 release notes

-Changed labeling for South Sudan from "SDS" to "SSD" in the "world-countries" map module.
-Added "placement": "horizontal" | "vertical" on tooltips
-Fixes for the chord module
-Fixes on canvas 3D charts
-Added labels on zoom boxes
-Improved placement of pie value-box elements
-Fixes on pie3D active area regions

ZingChart: 01-Jun-2015 Release

Build 2.1.1 release notes

-Fixed hover-state on shape when “type”:”rect”
-Alpha on tooltip now only adjusts background transparency
-Added adjust-layout to “preview” object
-Fixed issue that would cause shapes to render improperly when switching shape type using setdata
-On shapes, “y”:1 will now place the shape at 1, instead of at “100%”.
-Added active-area to area charts.
-Set a minimum of 2 ticks on scales to prevent crashing
-Fixed an issue with the “zoom-to” method, and consequently, the “View All” context menu option.
-Fixed an issue with missing fills in 3d stacked area charts
-Fixed several issues with stacked bar charts.
-Added “type”:”ring” as an alias for the ring style pie chart
-On legend, if “draggable” is set, the default drag handler is now the header.
-On legend, if "draggable" is set, the move icon appears over the draggable region
-Added "highlight-plot": true to the "legend" item.  This is an alias to "highlight": true under plot.
-Changed the default tooltip border to match the plot color.  Border still does not appear by default and must have the width set.
-Changed the alpha on legend, tooltip, and preview to not apply to the text or the border. The one exception is if alpha is set to 0 on legend and border-alpha is not set, border-alpha is set to 0.
-Added border-alpha to set the alpha of border.
-Added align:  right|center|left and vertical-align: top|middle|bottom to the legend object.

ZingChart: 06-Apr-2015 Release

Build 2.1.0 release notes

- Added Boxplot chart type (Docs)
- Added Waterfall chart type (Docs)
- Added Population Pyramid chart type (Docs)
- Fixed fullscreen issue causing IE browsers to crash on big charts with crosshairs
- Code optimization on crosshairs
- Fixed events-overlay plugin
- Initial version of the smart labeling on date-time scales (can be activated through DEV.SMARTDATELABELS flag)
- Legacy events introduced (feed_start, feed_stop, feed_interval_modify, history_forward, history_back, source_hide, source_show, about_hide, about_show, legend_hide, legend_show)
- Fixed issues with zooming states on charts with zoomTo or zoomToValues and toggle-action:remove on legends
- Memory leak fixes
- Improved logic on fixed sized vbar and hbar plots
- BgColor fixes, Bar plot fixes
- Fixed wrong output when background color is set to transparent
- Fixed errors in mixed charts when bar plots have fixed widths
- Added type : "poly" as a new type of scale marker
- Updated the geojson module and upgraded it to a standalone module
- Click-state addition for shapes & labels
- Fixes on 3dpie value boxes
- Pop-pyramid improvements to allow extra layouts
- Treemap updates
- Small correction to z-indexes

ZingChart: 13-Jan-2015 Release

Build 2.0.5 release notes

- Simplified file naming convention. Main script is now zingchart.min.js, module scripts follow the zingchart-*.min.js convention.
- Adopted semantic versioning (
- Added the ability to install ZingChart using bower, npm, or via cdn. (Read more)

ZingChart: 15-Dec-2014 Release

Build 0.141215 release notes

- fixed value-box positioning bug on vbar/hbar charts introduced by 0.141205
- fixed issues on Rhino build with stacked area charts

ZingChart: 05-Dec-2014 Release

Build 0.141205 release notes

- added option to set multiple value boxes for every plot by specifying value-box as an array of objects
- fixed problem with zoom preservation when plots have different y scales
- improvements & fixes on log scales
- treemap changes (now nodes on last level will not expand into full area)
- gauge fixes
- fixed value box positioning on bar charts to hide the value box when chart is zoomed and position goes outside plotarea
- fixed broken history on animated charts
- overhaul of value-box style and positioning logic on pie and pie3d charts
- performance improvements on bar charts with large datasets
- fixed showtooltip api
- fixed scale markers bug (garbage left behind on chart zoom)
- added getscales API for faster access to chart's scale related information
- custom context menu items now accept "order" attribute which sets the position in the list
- added feed_clear event
- added "js" transport, url attribute has to be a js function with one single callback parameter passing back the feed info
- overhaul of scales display logic when using dynamic margins on plotarea
- introduced scale-x-n and scale-y-n attributes to set shared properties for scales
- (internal) added z-modifier to 3d facet objects to manually alter the z sorting score
- added placement : top|bottom on objects to define the sorting placement relative to the series
- added vline and varea charts, support also for vline and varea plots on hmixed charts
- added hack for no-repeat image patterns on SVG
- added rule support for crosshairX -> plot-label elements
- improvements on mixed charts layout (start/end offset will be used only if bar plots are available)
- complete overhaul of stacked area logic to cope better with data mixing null and non-null values
- fixes on crosshair when using single plot label
- fixes on html-mode version of tooltips, also, improving the integration between guide_mousemove event and showtooltip API
- updated transition from lin to log progression to allow animation
- added mask-tolerance (default 6) attribute on plotarea to allow for bigger masks to prevent cutting of hover markers (10805). This *may* cause however unwanted effects when zooming plots if the tolerance gets bigger (hover states of plots exceeding plotarea)
- fixed rhino build ignoring offset-x and offset-y for tooltips
- updated rhino build to the latest set of features

ZingChart: 15-Sep-2014 Release

Build 0.140915 release notes

- added option to set multiple value boxes for every plot by specifying value-box as an array of objects
- fixed problem with zoom preservation when plots have different y scales
- improvements & fixes on log scales
- treemap changes (now nodes on last level will not expand into full area)
- gauge fixes
- fixed value box positioning on bar charts to hide the value box when chart is zoomed and position goes outside plotarea
- fixed broken history on animated charts
- performance improvements on bar charts with large datasets
- fixed showtooltip api
- fixed scale markers bug (garbage left behind on chart zoom)
- added getscales API for faster access to chart's scale related information
- custom context menu items now accept "order" attribute which sets the position in the list
- added feed_clear event
- added "js" transport, url attribute has to be a js function with one single callback parameter passing back the feed info

ZingChart: 14-Aug-2014 Release

Build 0.140806 release notes

- added legendminimize and legendmaximize APIs
- fixed issue with tooltip sometimes not showing on mobile devices
- fixed error thrown when touching a node of a chart when page was scrolled
- fixed positioning issues on chord charts when placed on a graphset
- fixed chord issues locking the browser when placed on a graphse
- fixed bug with scrollbars not being cleared when calling a chart reload
- fixed canvas export bug on IE9+ browsers which ignored the new line on the exported image  

ZingChart: 22-May-2014 Release

Build 0.140522 release notes

- fixed issue with node_click and plot_click being fired on touch devices even if touchend element is different than the touchstart element
- fixed showmenu API
- fixed Chrome issues with image clipping paths on SVG
- added setLineDash when available on canvas
- fixes on maps module when setting individual tooltip text for each item
- added facets object on vbar3d and hbar3d charts to allow individual styling of facets:

facets : {

- added "setguide" API to force display of a crosshair-x element, accepts the "graphid" and "keyvalue" parameters
- added support for "url" and "target" attributes on series items -> "legend-item"
- added image map option for nodejs build
- fixed active areas on stock charts to consider also high/low points
- fixed priority for active areas on vbar3d and hbar3d charts
- fixes on mixing 100% stacked series with normal/non-stacked series

ZingChart: 25-April-2014 Release

Build 0.140425 release notes

- switched to SVG as default render
- added Right To Left text support via "rtl":true attribute
- objects API optimizations
- fixes on aspect of bars with small values or stacked bars
- reorganized default context menu items
- added optimizations on layer management, now layers are being created only if they are needed (very useful on canvas rendering)
- also, for non-detectable features, we added graph "layers" attribute to manually control the layers which are being created:

"static":true|false, (holds the preview and history)

- added top-state to all label & shape related elements
- fixed issue with imagemap on old IE browsers
- setting offset-start and offset-end to -1 on x scales on bubble and scatter charts will evenly "spread" the scale values

ZingChart: 08-April-2014 Release

10268: Build 0.140408 release notes

- added getobjectinfo API
- increased rendering speed on 3d mesh display
- fixed rankflow chart bugs
- added option for all shapes to be displayed in a 3d environment
- created rule & annotation APIs
- updates on multi-guide plugin to allow auto-labeling and possibility to edit marker labels
- speed updates
- added option to allow area regions to become active regions and trigger node events
- added option to position tooltips and guide labels at fixed x/y locations

- fixed crosshair bugs on multi-graph charts
- fixed positioning of preview handlers
- fixed fast mode on spline series startin with null values
- added monotone:true|[false] as an option for the spline series
- fixed grid module on IE67
- added SVG export
- fixed offset-values behavior when using negative numbers
- added timezone option which combined with utc option translates automatically the timestamps provided in the json
- added new maps:

tur, mex, can, zaf, rus, jpn, fra, fraL2, gbrL2, qat, kor, uzb, yem, zmb, bdi, gmb, 
nld, swe, bih, mkd, chl, slv, aze, egy, eth, gha, vnm, tun, mne, mda, svn, svk, tjk,
ury, ecu, zwe, bol, tha, col, phl, per, kaz, guy, guf, sur, afg, ago, are, arm,  
ben, bfa, brn, btn, bwa, caf, civ, cmr, cod, cog, cri, cub, uga, gab, irn, rwa,
nam, ncl, omn, ken, moz, pan, sen, png, twn, gnb, gtm, kwt, lao, lbr, nga, pak

- added async functionality to preview component
- fixed floating point issues on scales (-0.3:0.1:0.1)
- improvements on scale
- fixes on bubble charts when scale have just one value
- made js rules as base attributes, added support for tooltip
- added js rules as item inside rules collection

"rules" : [
"rule" : "*",
"js" : "myfunc()"

- added group-selections : true|[false] on plot to automatically select all nodes with same index as the selected node
- added mid-point : [true]|false option on line & area plots to set whether a node is wrapped equally before and after its position or not

ZingChart: 07-February-2014 Release

10049: Build 0.140207 release notes

- fixed fullscreen view to follow the legend selection from the original chart
- added togglesource, togglebugreport, toggleabout
- moved map objects to a separate layer so that the hover-state of the map will not obscure the other labels/shapes in the view
- fixed scrolling related graphics interfering with tooltips
- fixed SVG styling on html-mode tooltips
- fixed dynamic margin bug on plotarea when set through specific margin-xxx attributes
- fixed flickering on html-mode tooltips (on canvas render)
- added option on crosshair-x -> plot-label -> multiple:true|false. Set multiple:false to create by default a single plot-label
- fixed visual bug on stacked area when "toggle-action" on legend is set to "remove"
- added tooltip feature on grid cells in grid plugin, also removed the flat property from the grid, now flat:true|false should be set using cell classes
- fixed memory leaks in rhino build

ZingChart: 03-January-2014 Release

9933: Build 0.140103 release notes

- fixed problem with legend markers not being accessible when overlapping active nodes
- fullscreen mode now uses the current data snapshot instead of the original json
- fixes on legend pagination controls when using offsetX/Y
- fixes on vbar/hbar active areas on thin bars throwing warnings js console in Firefox 
- fixed issue with nodes getting temporarily inactive on touch devices after page scroll

ZingChart: 16-December-2013 Release

9921: Build 0.131217 release notes

- added "Hide Guide"/"Show Guide" items to the context menu
- added alignment : "center" | "node" on guide markers. Setting alignment : "node" will align the guide markers with each node (available on vbar and vbar3d plots)
- added showtooltip API
- added showhoverstate API
- added preview object on 3d charts (line, area, vbar)
- added support for "swipe" event (direction=left|right is being passed to the callback)
- improvements on shape background routines to allow image sprites
- added %color-0 to %color-8 tokens and constructs like %color-n(+p) or %color-n(-p) which will lighten or darken the %color-n by the p percent
- added exact : true | false on crosshair-x object. Setting exact : true will highlight plot nodes only if the guide is right next to the node. Setting exact : false (default) will highlight the plot nodes which are closest to the guide.
- added getobjectsbyclass (parameters: class) API and setobjectsmode (parameters: mode=flat|normal)
- added trigger : move | hover on crosshair-x object. Hover shows just one plot label at once and visibility is triggered when user hovers over the node
- added hscatter, hbubble, hmixed chart types to complement scatter, bubble and mixed
- map updates: 3d views & speed optimization
- added hover-mode: node|plot for line/area charts
- added plot -> highlight: true|false for line/area charts
- fixes for hover mode on spline
- size-factor : auto on scale object on pie/pie3d charts will automatically size the pie to allow for all value boxes to show
- general svg optimization by using "rect" tag instead of "path" when possible
- speed improvements on line, area and bar charts
- fixes on background-image when using background-position
- fixes on custom image markers
- added smart-sampling:true|false on line & area charts
- added keyval-format option on csv parser
- extended adjust-layout option on subtitle and source objects
- fixed bug with y scales not created correctly when respective plots have only one value
- fixed bug with stacked charts having data specified as [k,v] pairs
- fixed touch events on shapes & labels
- chord updates and speed improvements
- piano updates and speed improvements
- extended syntax of scale labels to allow string sequences ("min:max:step")
- addition of "js-rule" on the plot object (piano, vbar, hbar, line, area, vbar3d, hbar3d, line3d, area3d, stock, scatter, bubble)
- added sort-objects:true|false on graph objects for speed optimizations
- fixed spline on line/area/range charts when data is non-linear
- IE8 speed optimizations
- added show-zero on Y scales to force the display of 0 value even if not matching max-labels rule
- updated placement logic on value-boxes to allow for greater flexibility
- overhaul on xy axis to allow for free positioning on each side of the plotarea, fixed dynamic margin on charts with multiple scales
- added type "line" and "area" on legend markers

ZingChart: 15-October-2013 Release

9689: Placeholder for Release Notes on Build 0.131016

9281 - Fixed wrong background gradients when fill-offset-x or fill-offset-y are also specified. 
9283 - Fixed wrong gradient backgrounds on prev & next buttons of the legend pagination section. 
9258 - Fixed priority and importance of margin attributes. 
9275 - Legend footer (along legend header) now also may force the legend dimensions.

- added toggle-action:disabled on legend
- introduction of adjust-layout:true on title, legend and plotarea, which will prevent overlapping between the 3 elements
- introduction of name-based animation values
- improvements on the CSS-like integration
- introduction of widgets
- new maps (alb, and, bgr, lie, ltu, lva, blr, hrv, cyp, aus, nzl, che, chn)
- rendering speed improved on markers
- improvements on xy scales to allow for more flexible styling
- fixed export operations failing when running under https

- added "deselect" API (complementing "select" API)  
- implemented values : "javascript:myFunc()" for both sync and async data fetching scenarios
- improvements on the CSS-like integration (added more tags)
- fixed Venn + legend bug
- improvements on plot stacking logic, added ability to setup different types of scales (100% stacked and normal)
- improvements on dragging plugin (different logic on 100% stacked plots and added dataDraggingMinValue and dataDraggingMaxValue)
- fixed data related API's on charts with data loaded via CSV
- reference updates 

- fixed value box display when type filters are being used
- removed default hand cursor on nodes/labels/shapes/etc, now cursor turns into hand only if an url attribute exists for the item
- fixed node active areas on stacked vbar and hbar for small bars
- added a no-data object inside graph which appears by default if there is no data available in the graph

- added max-ratio on piano charts to complement min-ratio
- if no values attribute is specified, scale-y on piano charts now contains text from series items (if available) or the default "Metric N" text
- fixed graphical glitches on rounded boxes
- added cursor attribute on elements to be able to force arrow cursor if url is present or hand cursor when arrow cursor is used by default
- fixed history object to work when data related API's are being used

- added Hide/Show Guide elements to the context menu
- added alignment : "center" | "node" on guide markers
Setting alignment : "node" will align the guide markers with each node (available on vbar and vbar3d plots)

- added showtooltip API
- added showhoverstate API
- added preview object on 3d charts (line, area, vbar)
- added support for "swipe" event (direction=left|right is being passed to the callback)
- improvements on shape background routines to allow image sprites (linked to Fidelity task)
- added %color-0 to %color-8 tokens and constructs like %color-n(+p) or %color-n(-p) which will lighten or darken the %color-n by the p percent

- added exact : true | false on crosshair-x object 
Setting exact : true will highlight plot nodes only if the guide is right next to the node.
Setting exact : false (default) will highlight the plot nodes which are closest to the guide.
- added getobjectsbyclass (parameters: class) API and setobjectsmode (parameters: mode=flat|normal)

- added trigger : move | hover on crosshair-x object. hover shows just one plot label at once and visibility is triggered when user hovers over the node
- hscatter, hbubble, hmixed
- map updates: 3d views & speed optimization

- added hover-mode: node|plot for line/area charts
- added plot->highlight: true|false for line/area charts
- fixes for hover mode on spline
- events-overlay plugin
- size-factor : auto on scale object on pie/pie3d charts will automatically size the pie to allow for all value boxes to show

ZingChart: 22-February-2013 Release

5347: Release Notes Ticket

- Added "stepped" aspect on area/area3d charts
- Added "step-start" attribute ([middle] | before | after) on line/line3d and area/area3d charts
- Added "sticky" attribute (boolean) and "timeout" (number) on tooltip to create a time delay before hiding the tooltip. If one hovers over the tooltip within that timeout, the tooltip will stay visible.
- Setting "dynamic" margins on plotarea on xy charts will also modify the plot's dimensions to prevent overlaps between scale label and scale items
- Added "marker-off" attribute on legend to allow different styles for on/off markers
- Added zingchart.bind(sId, sEvent, oFn) and zingchart.unbind(sId, sEvent, oFn) methods for finer event handling management. If sId is null then the event will be assigned to all the existing charts on a page
- Improved short notation label display

ZingChart: 12-Oct-2012 Release

4938: Support: Pie value labels

Fixed bug where Pie value-box does not show up in correct place when values are 50/50

4930: 3DPIE and 0 values

Fixed bug with 3D Pie charts and 0 values.

4920: Support: Marker issue

Cross and Plus Markers now are set via line-color and line-width to match HTML5.

1060: Improved Color Format Support for ZingChart Values

Added support for rgba as well as setting background-color-1 and background-color-2 with rgb through the background-color attribute.

4929: SUPPORT: Pie legend issue

It is now possible to set "text" within legend item to set the text format for the legend.  This matches the functionality of HTML5.

4934: negation : [standard] | currency


negation : [standard] | currency

on scale and plot (along the other formatting attributes) to control how the negative values are displayed independent of the chosen format. 

For example, if on scale format is $%v then the values -100 and 100 will be formatted as:

negation : "standard" ------- $-100 $100
negation : "currency" ------- -$100 $100

4935: JS Formatter

It is now possible to add "format": "javascript:myJavaScriptFunction" to the scale.  When this is done, the JavaScript function will be called for each item on the scale.  It will pass the JavaScript function a single value parameter.  The value returned from the JavaScript function will be displayed in the scale.

4947: adjust-scale on feed


adjust-scale : true | [false]

attribute on "refresh" object that will control how the data will be loaded. 

If false (default) the scale interval will stay fixed (and calculated using the max-ticks attribute) as the data is being loaded.

If true, the scale interval will change as data is being loaded so that the full space of the scale will be used.

4943: Common Legend across multiple graphs.


shared : true | [false]
group : (numeric)

on legend object to allow for shared legends and even grouping the shared legends.

4970: Wrap title

Title now accepts:

wrap-text: true | [false]

If it is set to true, the text wraps if it is longer than the width of the box.

5013: SUPPORT:setting the number of x-axis items

Fixed a bug in the ZingChart rules that didn't allow the != operator to always function properly.

ZingChart: 31-July-2012 Release

1393: Customizing Loading Screen

It is possible to customize the loading progress bar through the zingchart.render method:
dataurl                : dataUrl,
output          : 'flash',
width                  : 600,
height                  : 400,
container              : 'zingchart',
preservecontainer: true,
liburl          : zingLib,
color: '#ff0000',
text: 'Please Wait',
backgroundcolor: '#c3c3c3',
bordercolor: '#ff0000',
borderwidth: 2,
fontcolor: '#ffffff'

1244: Inherit scale colors from plot

It is now possible to set "line-color": "inherit" on the scale objects.  If this is set, the scale line color will match the first plot object that uses that scale.

It is also possible to set inherit on the line-color property of "tick", "minor-tick", and "ref-angle".  If this is set, it will inherit the line-color of the scale.

Finally, "inherit" can be set on the font-color of "item" and "label".  Once again, it will inherit the line-color of the scale.

4748: Flash Bootstrap Loader

Zingchart now ships with two swfs.  The first is zingchart.swf which is a small swf that presents the loading screen.  The second is zingchart_lib.swf which is the entire swf.  If you include zingchart.swf, it will present the loading screen to the user and then load the zingchart_lib.swf.

1563: Zomming hbar charts

Zooming has been added to scale-x and scale-y for hbar charts.

331: Highlight Legend

Added "highlight-item" to legend item so that the legend item is highlighted on mousing over the plotnodes.  This is the syntax:
"legend" : {

The effect is a size+1 on the marker and a bold on the text.

913: Scale mirroring discrepancies

When scale-y is mirrored in area graphs, the area now correctly flows upward.

1080: Transparent value for background-color-1 or background-color-2

It is now possible to set background-color-1 or background-color-2 to transparent and have the alpha change.

4820: Conditional Builds

With a special license, it is now possible to make conditional flash builds including only the features that are needed.  This results in a smaller swf file.

4740: Legend toggle-action should be inside legend in addition to item

toggle-action can be placed within legend to match with HTML5.
"margin":"10 auto auto auto"

4741: Mirror in Gauge does not work

Gauge now displays properly when scale-r has "mirrored" set to true.

4390: Change Preview handler to handle

Changed (with backwards support) the following preview attributes:

handler -> handle
handler-left -> handle-left
handler-right -> handle-right

Added in handle-left, handle-right, handle-top, and handle-bottom to flash.

4814: scale labels and text overlapping

Fixed bug where labels and text were overlapping if the labels font-angle was set to 90 or 270.

4882: SUPPORT: Drawing bug

Area3d charts have been given improved graphics to prevent gaps.

4884: Support: Toggle-action

Toggle-action: remove now works in bar, bar3d, hbar, hbar3d, pie, pie3d, and nestedpie.

820: 3-D Flash Bar chart drawing error

bar3d and hbar3d now match html5

4739: Legend toggle-action does not toggle non-stacked bars

toggle-action = remove now toggles non-stacked bars appropriately.

4791: CSV parser fixes needed

CSV in flash now supports negative and exponential numbers.

4864: SUPPORT: Tooltip not showing.

On nested pie charts, the defaults now match HTML5 and small regions are able to trigger tooltips.

ZingChart: 15-May-2012 Release

300: Putting Preview on the Chart Itself

Allow preview region to be placed on the graph.

302: Shapes[] Collection

The shape object has been added into flash.  The syntax is the following:
"background-color":"#fc0 #ff0",
"padding":"2 4"
"text":"My Rectangle",
"type" can be set to circle, square, rect, triangle, diamond, plus, cross, star3-star9, gauge3-gauge9, line, poly, or pie.

In the case of pie, angle-start and angle-end should be set to indicate the position of the gap.

In the case of line and poly, a points array should be passed in with x,y values set:
"points":[[100,200], [400,250], [250,300]]

298: Partial Pie Support

It is now possible to set "visible": false on a pie slice.  It is also possible to set 
"aperture": 270
in order to make a partial circle.

917: Pie Default Discrepancy: "border-width":

Default pie border size set to 1 in order to match HTML5.

4692: Minor ticket Gauge

Gauge charts now accept minor-tick and minor-ticks attributes on the scale-r object.

1748: Source Label Shortcut Syntax

source object has been added to flash.

"background-color": "red",

1115: Center Background Image when repeat is set

Background Image centers when repeat is set and repeats from the center in each direction.  This matches functionality of HTML5.

1389: margin & margin-top, etc conflicts

When margin is set as well as margin-top, margin-bottom, margin-right, or margin-left, the value is taken by whichever one is specified last in the JSON object.

1420: scale-x zoom handlers

Even if zoom is not set for scale-x, the zoom handlers in preview display and zoom is enabled through the preview display.  This matches the functionality in html5.

327: watermark your chart for your own reasons

watermark : { }  - nothing showing enabled or maybe a default zingchart?
watermark : {url: imageurl
text: "Don't rip me off!" ,
offset-y: 10

4668: Plotarea does not Support %

x & y values can now support percentages.

4722: API Mods - getseriesdata, getseriesvalues

API calls getseriesdata and getseriesvalues have been added.  getseriesdata returns an array of objects for each plot.  getseriesvalues returns an array of arrays for each plot.

953: Apply margin after position

margin and position combinations are now handled correctly in flash.

4659: value-box with min/max does not work

Fixed bug when value-box does not work when type is set to "min,max".

1433: Gradient: background-color-1 / 2

Pie3d is now applying gradient correctly

336: Tooltips for null piano values

tooltip-text now supports rules.
Piano charts support null values so rules can be applied to null boxes.

373: BUG: Guide Markers and Plotarea border overlapping

Area Markers and Plotarea Markers no longer overlap.

438: Radial gradient fill size adjustment in Flash

Fixed the radial gradient to match HTML5

4727: Resolve 3D chart Discrepancies

Changed the following in flash to match up with HTML5:
1.  Set marker alpha to 0 on line3d and area3d
2.  Set scale color to #ddd on all 3d charts
3.  Set scale guides to solid on all 3d charts

ZingChart: 16-April-2012 Release

4401: Error bars

New attributes & syntax (per series object or on global plot object):

error - object, styles the actual error bar, size can be provided either in px or percentage relative to the scale tick size

errors - array, contains the error values, values can be either numerical or percentage relative to the node value. 

Has multiple formats:

1. Error is distributed equally on all nodes:


Each of the two can be hidden by placing null as value:

"errors":[null,neg] will show only negative error
"errors":[pos,null] will show only positive error

2. Error is specified for every node:


4561: Add Stepped & jumped to line3d

3D Line charts now support the stepped and jumped aspects.

4587: Add start-width parameter to funnel charts

Added start-width property to funnel charts.  
"dynamic" is the default and sets the funnel width based on value.  "static" will set the start width the same no matter the value.

4600: Add in selection API methods

Added in clearselection, setselection, getselection, and select API calls.

4638: New legend attributes for pagination

Added paging support for legend.

"max-items" : N
"overflow" : "page" | "none" | "hidden" uses max-items to make pages of N items (page) or just show only the top N items (hide)

Added styling objects within legend:

4558: bullet Stacked Chart

Support for stacked bullet charts.

4666: Add dynamic margins to plotarea to fit scale values

If the chart margin-left or margin-bottom are set to "dynamic", the margin is calculated based on the size of the respective scale items and label.

1542: hover-state,background-state,and selected-state

hover-state, background-state, and selected-state have been added to plot objects.

4389: Preview handles

In the preview object, "handler" has been changed to "handles"

4394: Dotted Line

The spacing of dashed and dotted lines has been improved.  

4400: Gradient in bar chart doesn't work with min-value

Gradients in bar charts now work as expected.

4630: Bubble Hover Color Bug

hover state on bubble chart now displays correct color.

4631: Bar chart with bar-width not positioned correctly

bar chart with bar-width is now centered appropriately.

4559: scale-y-2 not showing up in hbar3d

Added support for scale-y-2 in 3d hbar charts.

4560: hfunnel scale direction wrong

Fixed hfunnel scale direction.

4652: getcharttype/setcharttype

Added new API calls getcharttype and setcharttype

4563: Gauge Chart values are getting rounded up

Added "multiplier" property to Gauge charts.  Scale values no longer get rounded unless multiplier is set to true.

4564: Feed Not Working

Allow addition of scale-x values with feed.

4565: Radar Issues

Fix radar bugs when aspect is set to rose.

4569: Pie Chart Collision

Prevent labels from multiple pie charts from overlapping.

4576: Text attribute should accept %v

Parse %v when used in the text attribute.

4577: Hooks & Arrows Bug

Arrows and hooks are not functioning in the same manner as labels and hooks.

4414: Add Loader object to defaults file

loader object added to defaults to allow setting default values for objects that occur outside of the graphset object.

4419: Markers bugs

Better support for scale markers with bar charts.

4445: 3d line inherit background-color form line-color

If no background-color is set on a 3D line chart, the background-color is inherited from the line-color.

4446: Pie Gradiant

Gradient values in pie charts display as expected.

4449: Funnel 0 values

Changed the behavior of 0 values in funnel charts.  They now connect the previous section and the next section instead of not displaying.

4549: User Bug - Version: 1.111121

Added background-color: transparent and background-color: none to display a transparent background color in addition to background-color: -1

ZingChart: 07-October-2011 Release

1903: guide-label in plot

Set "guide-label" on plot to set the style/text of the guide callout on a per plot basis.

"text": "Accumulated Waste: %v lbs"

4354: Range Chart

New chart type:"range"

Data should be an array of two values.  The first values will form a line and the second values will form a line and the middle will be filled in.

4365: Scale min-value: auto

Setting min-value:"auto" on scale-y will calculate the scale-y min-value based on the plot points.

4366: Radar - Alignment

Radar Objects added/modified to bring flash and html5 into alignment.  Notably, the scale-k and scale-v guides now support the item array to rotate background colors and the scale object was added.  scale can be used to set size-factor.

1912: tooltip visibility per plot

Fixed bug for setting "visible": false on a tooltip at the plot level.

4320: value-range

By default, scale markers placed on scale-x check key indexes when matching range.  Now, it is possible to add 


on the marker in order to check values instead of key indexes.

4328: Gauge - Alignment

Added/Modified objects to sync the flash and html5 implementation of gauge.

4330: show-labels on scale-x and scale-y

if the show-labels array exists, only the labels included will be displayed.  The specified label must be part of labels or values.

"values": "0:200:10"

4332: Guide items for scale-x and scale-y

guide items array allow rotating background colors on scale guides.


1889: Pyramid Aspect

Pyramid aspect added to bar and bar3d.
"aspect": "pyramid"

1890: Cylinder Aspect

Cylinder aspect added to bar and bar3d.
"aspect": "cylinder"

1891: Cone Aspect

Cone aspect added to bar and bar3d.
"aspect": "cone"

1900: zoomToValues

zoomToValues can be set on a scale object to indicate the start and end zoom values based on the scales value.  This is in contrast to zoomTo which sets the zoom based on index.


1850: Axis Labels alignment

Fixed bug with rotation of scale labels on horizontal charts.

1851: Mixed 3d

Added support for mixed 3d charts.  You can not mix 3d with non-3d.

{ "show-progress": false, "graphset" : [ { 
"type" : "mixed",
"series" : [ {"type": "line3d", "tooltip-text": "%k", "values" : [87,36,86,89,82,60,41,89,81,29,67,26,73,54,10,21,57,50,62,84], "text" : "Item 0"},
{"name": "top", "type": "bar3d", "values" : [40,36,90,59,61,94,60,2,35,30,46,38,98,96,28,58,98,54,30,17], "text" : "Item 1"} ] } ] }

1860: Get legend color from marker background

In scatter and bubble charts, the legend marker will inherit properties from the plot marker.

ZingChart: 27-July-2011 Release

984: "text": attribute in "value-box": not working in Theme files

Feature: Added the ability to set the value-box "text" parameter in theme (defaultsurl) files. As of 28 Dec 2010

1056: API call for identifying what render is output.

Feature add: "getrender" API call added for identifying what format a chart has been rendered in. As of 1 Feb 2011.

404: HTML5 images[] collection


Added images[] collection to the HTML5 version

419: Port CSV Handling to Flash

csv : Insert data from CSV file exported by Excel

1041: Auto width HTML5 in Internet Explorer

Bug fix: The 'width': 'auto' parameter in zingchart.render () was failing in Internet Explorer. This has been fixed as of 17 Jan 2011.

997: Bug: crosshair-x value-label issue

Bug Fix: in some line charts with multiple series on top of eachother, using "crosshair-x": value-labels would cause the top value-label to be forced off of the chart. Now, all labels stay in the chart area. As of 28 Dec 2010.

1003: Time series chart bug in HTML5

Bug fix: HTML5 line charts using [timestamp,value] formatting were resulting in criss-crossing lines with  some datasets. Fixed as of 18 Jan 2011.

1004: "crosshair-x" JavaScript exception bug in HTML5

Bug Fix: A user encountered a Javascript exception when mousing over the chart with "crosshair-x": active in an HTML5 chart. Fixed as of 17 Jan 2011.

1005: Multiple-axis default positioning

Bug Fix: When multiple scales were being used (scale-y-n), the additional scales were not being positioned correctly and required manual placement. This has been fixed as of 22 Dec 2010.

1673: Series x scale-x


Fixed bug on non-numeric key-value scales.

1649: Text-align


Added auto-align : true|false on scale item object that will "magically" align the rotated scale items with the scale itself.

1016: Guide (crosshair-x) issues: font size/empty guides

Bug Fix:  "font-size": was not functioning in the HTML5 crosshair-x value-labels. Fixed as of 13 Jan 2011.

Also, fixed an issue that occasionally  caused empty value labels to remain on chart after mouse was moved off of the chart. 

1085: Add "stacked": string to "plot": {} object for bar/hbar/hbar3d/bar3d

Bug fix: Previously, "stacked": true (for creating stacked bar charts) was not allowed in the "plot": object in Flash. This has been resolved as of 1 Feb 2011.

972: HTML5 on Internet Explorer

Bug fix: HTML5 charts were not re-sizing correctly when using 'width': 'auto' in zingchart.render(). This is fixed as of 17 Jan 2011.

850: Removing a Chart from a page


Added "destroy" API call for clean removal of a chart from a page.

892: Ability to Submit bugs in HTML5


Added Bug Report tool into HTML5 version

507: Background 1 and 2 inverted in HTML5 (vs Flash)

Bug Fix: Background-colors for gradients were showing up in the wrong order for HTML5. Now, "background-color-1": is at the top (linear) or center (radial) of gradient background color fills. As of 28 Dec 2010. 

1753: [BUG] After call to zoomtovalues, double grid lines are drawn, 2nd scale not zooming

Added xall and yall boolean parameters to specify whether the zoomto and zoomtovalues API calls apply xmin, xmax, ymin and ymax to all the similar scales at once.

1755: [BUG] Fixed preview control on mobile device

Fixed bug on preview object not being properly reset when applying a setdata API call over a chart with a "zoomed-in" state

1756: [BUG] Hide context menu

Added possibility to completely hide the context menu (only for localhost/ development and extended licensing modes)

1758: DESIGN: Defaults file caching

Added "defaults" parameter in zingchart.render() call. Requires an object containing the chart defaults.

ZingChart: 13-December-2010 Release

840: Add "label": {} object in scales [Flash]

Feature add [Flash]: Flash has been updated with a "label": {} object in scales that allows the grouping and customization of scale labels. Example: 

"scale-y": {
"text": "Sample Label", 
"font-size": "14px",
"font-family": "arial",
"font-weight": "bold"

881: "hook": updates in Flash

Update:"hook": object added for positioning labels, images and notes relative to datapoints has been added. Syntax as follows: 
"hook": {
"type": "node",

994: CUSTOMER: Add "font-angle": to area markers

Feature: Added the ability to rotate text in area markers. "font-angle": 0 will produce horizontal area marker labels. 

996: Customer: Implement "label": {} object in Flash markers

Feature: Added a "legend":{} object within the area markers array. Now, "text": as well as font styling parameters may be set within the legend object. 

374: Custom user variables - Rick Bullotta

Feature: Added custom user variables added for Flash and HTML5. User variables may be set using "%data-variable":[] array, where variable may be any specified variable. "%data-variable" may be used as a token in tooltips, value-boxes or the url attribute.

378: max-items doesn't work in Flash

Syntax update: "max-labels" (Flash) is now aliased to "max-items". "max-items" should be used when specifying how many scale items (including labels, ticks and guides) are desired on a given scale-x or scale-y. Updated as of August 25, 2010.

819: 3-D Bar chart Legend-item Bug

Bug Fix: Fixed the color of legend-items to inherit "background-color-1" and "background-color-2" from the series. Previously, "background-color-1" and "line-color" were inherited, causing unintended legend-item colors. As of October 22, 2010.

889: Decimals Freeze Problem

Bug Fix: Adding decimals to the "step": in scales without specifying the number of decimals via the "decimals": attribute was previously crashing Flash. This has been resolved.

847: HTML5 label -> "font-angle" not working

Bug Fix: "font-angle": parameter for HTML5 scale labels were not previously working. This has been fixed as of 10 Nov 2010.

864: "bar-width" not supported for HTML5

Feature: Upgraded bar charts with many features for bar sizing and overlap. "bar-width", "bars-space-left", "bars-space-right", "bar-space", "bars-overlap" have been added. Values may be set to either pixels or percentages. As of November 10, 2010.

782: Update "output": to always fall back (if possible

Bug Fix: The "output" parameter in zingchart.render() has been updated to always allow for render fallback, even if a specific render is chosen. For instance, if output is set to Flash but the chart is accessed via a mobile device not supporting Flash, and HTML5 chart will show (only if proper scripts for HTML5 are included). As of October 15, 2010.

390: User Bug - Version: 1.100610

Feature: Added the ability to set width and height of value-boxes. To do so, set "width" and "height" attributes within "value-box": object. As of August 17, 2010.

844: User Bug - Version: 1.100905

Bug Fix: Value-boxes were showing up below nodes in some line/area charts. 

833: User Bug - Version: 1.101027

Bug Fix: Legend-sizing bug fixed for proper handling of different legend-item text length.

803: FireScope Nov. 3 Deliverables

Feature: Added a "curtain":{} object feature for enabling a loading feature when "refresh" is used. Object is placed within "refresh" as follows: 

"refresh": {
"visible": true,
"text":"We are Loading!"
"type" : "feed", 
"interval" : 2, 
"max-ticks" : 10,
"url" : "fb646-5-feed.php"

454: Flash 'saveasimage' Issue

Feature: Added "getimagedata" API call for returning image via API. As of August 18, 2010.

492: Burning Sky: min/max value issue

Bug fix: Previously, when using data as [timestamp,value] pairs, max-value would be ignored/calculated using a default step value. Both min-value and max-value are now recognized as of October 15, 2010.

519: Overlapping valuebox labels RE: ZingChart SaaS license

Feature added: In Flash, value-box overlap prevention has been added to limit the overlap when showing a large number of slices in pie charts. As of September 3, 2010.

791: Bug: Re: ZingChart in Flex

Bug fix: API calls are now consistent when zooming on a chart. For example, if an item is toggled to 'hide', it will remain hidden upon zooming and interacting with the graph. As of October 15, 2010.

779: Demo needed: Log scales/scientific notation

Feature: Logarithmic scales have been added to HTML5. To set scales to logarithmic, add the "progression": "log" attribute to scale-y. Also added are "exponent": true and "exponent-decimals": 3, to allow for scientific notation. As of October 19, 2010.

526: FireScope: Multiple scale-y axes in Flash

Feature: Added the ability to use multiple scales in Flash and HTML5. Now, "scale-x-n":{} is allowable. To attach a series to a specific scale, set "scales": "scale-x,scale-y-2" formatted string within a specific series object. As of October 15, 2010.

893: "margin": "auto" abilities in Flash

Feature: Upgraded margin and positioning parameters for ability to set both simultaneously (taking into account height/width of objects).

468: Legend layout "float" in Flash

Feature: Added "layout": "float" feature to legend. Used for spacing out legend items evenly within the width of the legend area. 

524: JS call for url in JSON

Feature add: Added the ability to use JavaScript calls via JSON. As of September 7, 2010.

872: "alpha-area": note "area-alpha": (HTML5)

Bug fix: change syntax from "area-alpha" to "alpha-area" to match HTML5 and Flash (for setting alpha of area chart plot background-colors).

478: Flash/HTML5 preloader consistency

Feature: "flashvars" no longer needed in Flash for zingchart.render() parameters. Now, Flash and HTML5 both have all of the same zingchart.render parameters. As of August 18, 2010.

458: CSV file + Date-Scale - User Bug - Version: 1.100607

Bug fix: Fixed a bug where scale-x could not be set when using CSV data. As of August 18, 2010. 

442: Flash: HBar Scale-label rotation

Bug Fix: Horizontal bar chart scale labels were rotated the wrong direction by default. 

413: FireScope/BurningSky - memory leak

Bug fix: memory leaks fixed in Flash as of October 15, 2010.

406: Not Customer: MM

Default Update: Previously, "type": needed to be set in "value-box" to show any value-boxes in Flash. Defaults have been updated for "type": "all" if the "value-box" object is present. Other values are "none", "max, "min". As of August 18, 2010.

435: "background-repeat": updates for Flash

Syntax Update: "background-repeat" syntax (for use with "background-image") has been updated to reflect CSS styling. As of October 25, 2010, available values are "repeat", "repeat-x", "repeat-y", and "no-repeat".

449: Burning Sky Software - Questions on ZingChart HTML5 usage

Syntax Update: In zingchart.render(), both Flash and HTML5 now recognize 'container' and 'id' for specifying a chart id. 'id' will be the preferred syntax moving forward. As of September 22, 2010.

496: Horizontal/vert Bullet: Auto scaling to Goals OR values

Bug Fix: In bullet charts, scale-y was previously being auto sized in relation to the tallest bar height, not taking into account the highest goal value (which caused goal values to not appear. This is fixed as of August 23, 2010.

ZingChart: 21-April-2010 Release

Various legend item attribute updates:

    show-marker: [true] | false ->  Shows the marker
    marker-style: [square] | circle | diamond | triangle | match (matches to the marker set on the line/area)
    show-line: true | [false] 
    line-style: dashed | dotted | [solid] | match where match will match the marker on the line/area
    highlight: true | [false]
    toggle: [true] | false

Other updates:

 -Added in preview area for scatter
 -Minor-guide object added to display the minor-guide instead of automatically displaying if minor-ticks set  
 -Ability to set value-box placement using rules  
 -Ability to set width and height of value-box  
 -Within legend, a new object named 'tooltip' has been added. If it exists, then the tooltip will appear. By default the tooltip will contain %d. It can be customized as a regular tooltip. By default, it will inherit the color of the plot as background.  
 -Legend-text attribute added to plot to specify the text displayed in the legend  
 -On the individual series, there is a new object called legend-item that can override any of the above attributes.  Also, if visible is set to false in the legend-item, the item does not display in the legend.  
 -Line-style replaces line-dotted and line-dashed. Line-style options: [solid] | dotted | dashed   
 -View source feature added to right-click menu  
 -The file attribute has been renamed as url  
 -Description attribute added to plot. It can be accessed in tooltips by %d anywhere that %t can be accessed.  
 -Ref-line defaults to "visible": false if ref-line is at the same location as the scale  
 -Label x/y coordinates now correlate with the upper left corner (previously correlated with center of graph)  
 -API additions  
 -Added theme called "spark" to enable sparkline development  
 -Scrolling with feed crashing browser

Bug Fixes:

 -History bug fix  
 -Fixed Gauge Background to encompass the whole gauge  
 -Added non-numeric goals to bullet  
 -Allowed lens to go slightly outside of chart to fully get each part of the line  
 -Removed 2d/3d right click switch from graphs that don't have 3d.  
 -Labels outside of plotarea moving on zoom.  
 -Fixed custom markers  
 -Fixed tooltip background-color bug  
 -Fixed bugs with feed-reset  
 -Removed width/height/x/y from plot  
 -Guide z-index is set to top  
 -Preview Box crashing bug