About ZingChart

ZingChart was initially conceived as a data-visualization layer for a Web analytics platform that needed an interactive, client-side charting solution. At the time, JavaScript and Flash-based charting solutions were poor – both in terms of scalability and flexibility. Faced with this existing challenge, it encouraged us to create our own solution. In February 2009, the decision for the new tool to stand alone was made, and ZingChart began.

We've been iterating it ever since (see our release history). Years later, ZingChart and its related products are widely used around the world in some of the most data and feature-intensive visualization applications.

The ZingChart Team

Initially incubated by San Diego's oldest Web consultancy (PINT.com), ZingChart today is an independent, California corporation based in San Diego. Primary operations are conducted in the San Diego office by the majority of the team, with remote team members based in California's Bay Area, Eastern Europe, and Australia.

ZingChart's founder and CEO is Thomas Powell, noted JavaScript author, professor, and Web-development professional. As far as employees go, most of them have graduated from UCSD with degrees in: Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Biology, and Psychology.

Our Goals

ZingChart, and its related products, encapsulate many design and business goals, including:

Responsible Source

Like commercial software, ZingChart is dedicated to providing quality, compatibility, and appropriateness for our customers' needs. However, we are fully aware of the challenges that commercial software may present, from onboarding to locking concerns. In this vein, we offer no limitations on evaluation of the software. All features are available in the branded version of ZingChart.

While using a free branded version works for some, we know others may need further guarantees of responsibility and availability of our code, and its support. We offer a wide range of paid licenses and support plans for all levels of customer need.

Our aim is to balance the accountability of commercial software with the collaborative feeling of OSS, without exposing execution details or dismissing our role as stewards of the continued success of ZingChart and products built with it.


It is easy to find solutions online to plot a simple line, bar, or pie chart with no features. ZingChart aims well beyond the basics, offering custom chart types and themes, multiple scales, interactivity, full API, mobile support, multiple syntax approaches, numerous data type and transport methods, and much more. We offer common and advanced charting cases out-of-box, so you can write less code (or none at all), and get your products and sites built faster.


ZingChart is fast, especially at large data points, but it doesn't stop at screen painting and large data-size support. Building visualizations and the development timeline is just as important. Utilize familiar syntax, pre-made plugins, and a few lines of configuration to satisfy most development needs.


ZingChart is constantly evolving, always chasing a moving target. From Flash to JavaScript-controlled Canvas and SVG, from ES5 to ES6, from static to mobile-first, on and on it goes. We aim to make your charts work wherever your end users encounter them, either on the Web or mobile device.

Ecosystem Aware

Coding never happens in a vacuum. ZingChart is often one piece of the project puzzle, and we must work with whichever frameworks or languages are required. Whether a React or Vue integration, TypeScript binding, wrapped mobile application, or something we just heard of yesterday, we try to work with it. We take an agnostic coding approach over opinionated whenever we can — if something works for you, we want to hear about it and see if ZingChart works with it.

Customer Focused

We build ZingChart for our customers and their needs. If you are a ZingChart prospect or customer, we always want to hear from you. It is important that our products incorporate your feedback and represent all phases of your project's lifecycle.


ZingChart is always looking for skilled Web-development and design professionals, both at our main San Diego office and remotely. We offer competitive compensation packages, a stimulating and inclusive work environment, and open-ended career growth. If you are interested in joining the Zing team, let us know via email at hr@zingchart.com

Contact Info

ZingChart is a US-based company and a California C Corporation.
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