3D Charts

Learn how to create and style any of the many 3D charts ZingChart has!


Built-in animations allow you to animate your chart just as easily as our other features.


Add arrows to point directly to the data you want to call out.

Choropleth Maps

Use ZingChart's built-in choropleth module to create beautiful choropleth colored maps - in 10 lines of code or less.

Data Formats

Format your very large and very small data exactly the way you want!

Error Bars

Add error bars to show the margin of error on your data.


Add any picture you want, anywhere on your chart!


Use one of ZingChart's 42 built-in patterns to make unique custom designs on your charts!


Add one of ZingChart's many shapes to your chart - any color, any size, anywhere!


Apply one of our pre-built themes to get a custom look immediately - or make your own theme to apply to all of your charts!