Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink is an exhibition of the features ZingChart offers. Chart types, themes, elements. It's all here. Everything, but the "kitchen sink."

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Kitchen Sink

Interactive Aspects Animation Themes Chart Types

Interactive Chart Features

Interactive features are what make JavaScript charts so powerful. They put the control in the hands of your users, allowing them to drill down, zoom in, and more.

Click plot points to view the difference.
Hover plot points to view the difference.
Remove changes the axis scale, hide doesn't.
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Chart aspects and properties

Beyond the standard chart types, many charts have additional aspects and properties that can enhance your dashboards and data visualizations.

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Animation is a fun way to draw attention to your data. ZingChart offers a variety of ways to enhance the story you are trying to tell with your charts and graphs.


One way to enhance a chart is to incorporate your brand into charts on the page. We offer several default themes and the ability to apply defaults to all charts rendered with a set of predefined attributes.

Theme Info

These aren't the only themes available for use with ZingChart. You can unleash your inner designer and create custom themes using the same JSON format.

Basic Charts

The most important part of a JavaScript charting library is its available chart types.
ZingChart offers all our chart types in one library, ensuring you have the interactive chart to meet your needs.

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