ZingChart brings your charts to life. From interacting with data points, to zooming into a particular segment, the library provides you with all the tools necessary to interact with your data.

Value Boxes, Tooltips and Crosshairs

Know the exact value at a glance

Value Boxes are useful when the dataset is small, and the actual values are important to understand. When enabled, each node will have it's value placed on or around itself.

Tooltips reveal values without the clutter

When you have a slightly larger data set, and value boxes on each node would become too cluttered, tooltips allow you to see a node's value on demand.

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Crosshairs enable more granularity

When even tooltips won't be granular enough, crosshairs give you an ease to inspect a spectrum of values.

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Zooming and Scrolling

Zoom into your data

When the dataset is so large that you need a magnifying glass to see a node's value, the ability to zoom into a point helps prevent squinting your eyes. Scroll bars can be added for additional functionality.

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And overview while zoomed

The preview window helps keep track of where you are currently zoomed into. It also acts as a way to move the scroll position.

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Need to zoom on both the x and y axis? You can do that as well!

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Legend interactions

Toggle plot visiblity

Too many plots on the screen? You can use the legend to hide and show plots - you can even configure the action to rescale the chart when a plot is hidden!

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Highlight plot

While the legend's color corresponds the plot color, hovering over a legend item can be configured to highlight the plot.

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