Why Choose ZingChart?

Interactivity Image ZingChart is a self-contained, dependency-free library that’s compatible with all browsers. We are dedicated to shipping quality commercial software for your web application.

Self Contained

The library is totally contained. This means the entire state, data, and configuration of any chart can be saved as a JSON packet. This single source of truth makes it very easy to pass around chart information in an application.

Self Contained

Dependency Free

The library has ZERO non-native browser dependencies. This allows for strong backwards compatibility and easy integration across any web platform.

Dependency Free


Like commercial software, ZingChart is dedicated to providing quality, compatibility, and appropriateness for our customers' needs. However, we are fully aware of the challenges that commercial software may present, from onboarding to locking concerns. In this vein, we offer no limitations on evaluation of the software. All features are available in the branded version of ZingChart.


Initially incubated by San Diego's oldest Web consultancy (PINT.com), ZingChart today is an independent, California corporation based in San Diego. Primary operations are conducted in the San Diego office by the majority of the team, with remote team members based in California's Bay Area, Eastern Europe, and Australia. ZingChart's founder and CEO is Thomas Powell, noted JavaScript author, professor, and Web-development professional.

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