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Use the contextMenu object to customize the context menu, which appears when users right-click on an area of the chart. You can style the menu, create custom chart context menu items, and add a context menu button so that users on mobile devices can access the menu by tapping on the button. Refer to the Context Menu Tutorial for more information.

StringSets the background color of the object. Colors can be entered by name (e.g., "purple", "blue"), hexadecimal notation (e.g., "#666699", #33ccff"), or RGB notation (e.g., "rgb(255,0,0)", "rgb(0,0,255)")
Default Value: null
buttonObjectSets the styling for the context-menu button that will appear when a chart is viewed on mobile devices.
Array.<Object>Sets a collection of custom-menu items on the context menu.
dockedBooleanFixes the context menu to a specified `position`.
emptyBooleanSet try to empty the contextmenu
gearObjectSets the styling for the gear icon that appears by default in the context-menu button on mobile devices.
itemObjectSets the id or style of the item.
positionStringSets the position of the contextmenu
Accepted Values: ['left', 'right']
separatorObjectStyles the line separating the context menu items