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Use the behaviors array to enable or disable the various context menu item behaviors. Refer to the Context Menu Tutorial for more information.

Note: You can also create your own custom menu items using the customItems array in the contextMenuobject.

StringCustom function to trigger when custom menu item is accessed.
enabledStringTo enable or disable individual context menu item behaviors.
Accepted Values: ['all', 'none']
idStringTo specify the behavior ID of the context menu item that is being accessed.
Accepted Values: ['2D', '2d', '3D', '3d', 'About', 'BugReport', 'BuyLicense', 'CrosshairHide', 'CrosshairShow', 'DisablePageScroll', 'DownloadCSV', 'DownloadPDF', 'DownloadSVG', 'DownloadXLS', 'EnablePageScroll', 'EnterEdit', 'ExitEdit', 'ExportData', 'FeedClear', 'FeedFaster', 'FeedPause', 'FeedStart', 'FullScreen', 'GoBack', 'GoForward', 'HideDataTable', 'HideGuide', 'HistoryBack', 'HistoryForward', 'LinScale', 'LogScale', 'LoupeHide', 'LoupeShow', 'MaximizeLegend', 'MinimizeLegend', 'NormalScreen', 'Print', 'Reload', 'SaveAsImage', 'SaveAsImagePNG', 'ShowAll', 'ShowGuide', 'SwitchTo2D', 'SwitchTo3D', 'SwitchToLin', 'SwitchToLog', 'ViewAll', 'ViewAsJPG', 'ViewAsPNG', 'ViewDataTable', 'ViewSource', 'ZoomIn', 'ZoomOut', 'about', 'bugreport', 'buyLicense', 'crosshairhide', 'crosshairshow', 'disablepagescroll', 'downloadcsv', 'downloadpdf', 'downloadsvg', 'downloadxls', 'enablepagescroll', 'enteredit', 'exitedit', 'exportdata', 'feedSlower', 'feedclear', 'feedfaster', 'feedpause', 'feedslower', 'feedstart', 'fullscreen', 'goback', 'goforward', 'hidedatatable', 'hideguide', 'historyback', 'historyforward', 'linscale', 'logscale', 'loupehide', 'loupeshow', 'maximizelegend', 'minimizelegend', 'normalscreen', 'print', 'reload', 'saveasimage', 'saveasimagepng', 'showall', 'showguide', 'switchto2d', 'switchto3d', 'switchtolin', 'switchtolog', 'viewall', 'viewasjpg', 'viewaspng', 'viewdatatable', 'viewsource', 'xmiabt', 'zoomin', 'zoomout', `${string}`]
textStringTo set the label for the context menu item.