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Use the behaviors array to enable or disable the various context menu item behaviors. Refer to the Context Menu Tutorial for more information.

Note: You can also create your own custom menu items using the customItems array in the contextMenuobject.

enabledStringTo enable or disable individual context menu item behaviors.
Accepted Values: ['all', 'none']
idStringTo specify the behavior ID of the context menu item that is being accessed.
Accepted Values: ['switchto2d', 'switchto3d', 'enablepagescroll', 'disablepagescroll', 'showguide', 'hideguide', 'switchtolin', 'switchtolog', 'reload', 'viewaspng', 'viewasjpg', 'downloadpdf', 'downloadsvg', 'exportdata', 'downloadcsv', 'downloadxls', 'viewdatatable', 'hidedatatable', 'print', 'viewsource', 'bugreport', 'fullscreen', 'goback', 'goforward', 'zoomin', 'zoomout', 'viewall']