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The JavaScript charting library that does it all.

It's Super Fast!


ZingChart offers the flexibility and resources to create stunning visualizations. We offer over 100 chart types to fit your data. Our unique features like zooming and interactive legends help your users get interactive. And our CSS-like styling allows you to creatively customize your charts.

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Want to do dataviz like the big boys? ZingChart is used by companies from the Fortune 100 to brand new startups.

ZingChart Clients

  • We needed a charting solution that is fast, scalable, and looks good. ZingChart consistently exceeds our expectations with their product and support!

    Dennis H. Norris / Director of Product Development
    Conventus Corporation

  • ZingChart’s ability to do multiple renders for any device was key for us, especially for our energy efficiency product placed among Telefonica M2M services.

    Pablo Cabezas Mateos

  • We now provide the most comprehensive and sophisticated financial charts in the industry and ZingChart helped us achieve that goal.

    Richard Radnay / CTO/CIO
    XTF, Inc.

  • At Alcatel, we wanted to render charts in many formats and be able to update charts on fly. Zingchart fulfilled these needs in a sweet, powerful, easy to use library.

    Ngan Phan
    Alcatel-Lucent USA

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About ZingChart

ZingChart is a JavaScript charting library. Our team is based in San Diego. During the development of a deep web analytics system in 2008, we needed to add charts. Existing Flash and <canvas> graphing systems couldn't keep up: buckling under the volume of data provided and lacking flexibility. So we started ZingChart to run big data in charts that are fast, stylish, and interactive.

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