Professional Services

The ZingChart team has a full staff of seasoned developers who for years, have been improving the ZingChart library and integrating it across many different projects and frameworks.

This highly experienced group is also available to assist you with the development of your unique projects. Whether you use ZingChart or not, feel free to review our list of professional development and consultation services listed below and reach out if you have any questions. All prices below are listed at an hourly rate.

Custom Development Services

Our engineers are readily available to assist you build out your applications and projects. Read over the breakdown of our hourly development services below and please reach out by emailing or through our contact form at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.

ZingChart Professional Services

Senior Programming

Need help integrating our products or others into your development stack? Looking for custom functionality and features not currently available in our or other JavaScript libraries? Let us help!


Information Architecture/ User Experience

Whether you’re new to prioritizing information architecture and user experience in your projects, or experienced at it – the team at ZingChart can ensure that you’re adhering to best practices in both realms.



We understand how easily development projects can be derailed without the right plans and practices in place to optimize your development lifecycle. Let us help you implement the right solutions.


Consulting Services

In addition to seasoned developers, the team at ZingChart is full of managers and marketers with years of experience in the digital space. Each member is an expert in their own field as well as in the data visualization realm and is available to assist you with your project needs.

Our consulting services are broken down into different categories based on the consultation and expertise needed from your team.

These services are outlined below with their associated costs at an hourly rate. Whether you own a ZingChart license or not, you can always utilize our professional team with the majority of your projects. Feel free to reach out by emailing or via our contact form at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.

ZingChart Professional Services

Senior Consulting

If you or your team requires advanced and high-level technical consulting, we offer advising services that are flexible enough to fit the needs of your company’s unique challenges.


Techincal Consulting/ Solution Architecture

As experts in the data visualization workspace, we can provide more granular technical consulting services to address the demands of your specific project requirements.



From custom theming, to web design and infographic solutions, our design team can help polish your visualizations to make your data and its supporting content more presentable and brand focused.



Our team is uniquely suited to help you communicate the right message in the digital marketing space via both organic and paid strategies.


Project Management

Let our project managers help streamline your team by organizing your project workflows and processes within realistic timelines.


Quality Assurance

Your project is only as good as your users’ ability to access it. Our testing and quality assurance procedures will ensure your project is reaching exactly who you intended, the way you intended it.


Staff Programming

If your team needs an extra set of experienced hands, our programmers can step in to help you launch your project with the quality and efficiency of one of your own team members.


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