Perpetual ZingChart Internal License

Updated January 7, 2020

Grant of License

The ZingChart perpetual Internal license is intended to be used for the development and deployment of a single internal application. This application needs to be hosted and accessed on a fully qualified domain name. This app should only be used/accessed internally by employees or contractors directly associated to the licensed organization. This license should not be used if you are providing customers or clients access to the application.

If you are building multiple internal applications, you will likely need multiple Internal licenses; or you may be a candidate for an Enterprise license.

The License File

The perpetual Internal license will include licensing for a single internally accessed production domain Additionally, we will provide a license for up to two subdomains for development and testing:


ZingChart will need to know the exact domain of the app to provide a license file.

If you are building an internal app but will not be hosting the app on a fully qualified domain name, or if for any reason you will not be able to provide ZingChart with the domain of the app, please contact with more information about how your app(s) will be hosted/deployed.

The perpetual Internal license also includes a license file for our phantom.js build should you choose to use it.

Generally, licensees do not require the ability to change the domain associated to a perpetual Internal license; however, you can change the domain and sub-domains a single time. If you foresee a need to change the domain further, please contact before your purchase.

Included Support

The purchase of a perpetual Internal license includes six hours of ZingChart Product Support. See our support section for details on additional support.

Versions & Upgrades

The purchase of a perpetual Internal license gives you access to the current major version of ZingChart. Currently, ZingChart, Inc. is releasing 2.x.x builds. You will be provided perpetual access to 2.x.x versions of ZingChart and will be allowed to access the most recent build of version 2 for no additional cost.

When ZingChart, Inc. releases version 3.x.x of ZingChart, you will need to pay to upgrade to the newest major version if you want access to it. When 3.x.x becomes available, you will have the option to purchase an upgraded license for $299.00. This will then provide you access to all 3.x.x versions.

If an upgrade becomes available within 30 days of your purchase, you will be provided with the upgrade at no cost. If an upgrade becomes available within 90 days of your purchase, you will be provided with an upgrade at a 50% discount.

Upgrades are also made available to customers with current annual support and maintenance packages. Annual support with upgrades for the perpetual Internal license is $599.00 per year. This includes 4 hours of product level support per year and provides access to the most current version of ZingChart.

Support and maintenance packages must be purchased within 90 days of licensing to be eligible for major version upgrades.

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