At our core, each member of our team values education. Most of us have a Bachelors of Science from UCSD in Computer Science, Design, or Data Science. At the head of our team is our CEO Thomas Powell who teaches courses at UCSD in the following disciplines: CSE 112, CSE 134 & CSE 135. Because of this strong presence at UCSD, we highly discount any educational service that uses our product at 50% off.

Custom Pricing

We also value non-profits and new SAAS companies that lack current funding. We explain some of our general pricing models below. The best way to find the right price for you is to contact us or by emailing directly.

ZingChart Professional Services


We will get you a 50% discount if you can prove you are a non-profit.


We will get you a 50% discount if you can prove you are an educational institution.


We will get you a price that matches your funding budget. We typically start at 20-30% off, and each year you move closer to paying for a full price license.

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