ZingChart Annual Enterprise License

Updated January 7, 2020

Grant of License

The ZingChart annual Enterprise license is for the development and deployment of internal applications within a single organization. With the annual Enterprise license, there are no restrictions to the number of domains or number of applications in which ZingChart can be used. However, Enterprise licenses are restricted internal use: they should only be used for internal applications. These applications should be hosted by the licensed organization and only accessed by users who are directly associated to the licensed organization (ie employees, contractors, etc).

The ZingChart annual Enterprise license can not be used for sellable software products. Additionally, applications using the annual Enterprise license should not provide access to users outside of the licensee organization, such as customers.

If you are unsure if your users fit within the annual Enterprise license terms please contact for clarification.

The License File

The annual Enterprise license does not check against domains. It does internal checks against code in the minified ZingChart library. Please note: no connection to ZingChart servers is required. The ZingChart annual Enterprise license can be used in secured environments without connection to the public Internet.

Included Support

The purchase of an annual Enterprise license includes 4 hours of ZingChart Product Support. See our support section for details on additional support.

Versions & Upgrades

The purchase of an annual Enterprise license provides access to the current major version of ZingChart. Currently ZingChart is releasing 2.x.x builds. You will be provided access to the most recent build of ZingChart as long as your annual fee is paid.

When ZingChart, Inc. releases version 3.x.x of ZingChart you will be provided access to the newest major version at no cost as long as your annual licensing fees are paid. Please note: you are required to make your annual Enterprise licensing payment each year you include ZingChart in your app. The fee applies no matter which version of the library you choose to use.

If you are considering ZingChart for your Enterprise application but do not want to be required to pay an annual fee, you should consider the perpetual Enterprise license.

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