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About ZingChart

The genesis of ZingChart came out of a Web analytics platform that needed an interactive client-side charting solution. The poor scalability and flexibility of JavaScript and Flash based charting solutions circa 2008 encouraged us to roll our solution which make at the time forced us to roll our own solution which was launched as ZingChart a year later in February 2009. We've been iterating it ever since (see release history). Years later ZingChart and its related products are widely used around the world in some of the most data and feature intensive visualization applications.

The ZingChart Team

ZingChart was founded and is currently lead by Thomas Powell, a noted JavaScript author and Web development professional. Initially incubated by San Diego’s oldest Web consultancy (, ZingChart is today an independent California corporation based in San Diego with the bulk of our employees and primary operations in San Diego. ZingChart also has remote employees based in Northern California, US Midwest, India and Eastern Europe.

Our Goals

ZingChart and its related products encapsulate many design goals and business attitudes in code including:


ZingChart is always looking for skilled Web, development and design professionals, both at the main San Diego office and remotely. We offer competitive compensation packages, stimulating and inclusive work environment and open ended career growth. If you are interested in joining the Zing Team email

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ZingChart is a US based company and a California C Corporation.

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