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About ZingChart HTML5 Charts

ZingChart emerged out of the development of a deep web analytics system in need of some standard charting features. Unfortunately, the state of the art Flash and <canvas> based graphing systems kept buckling under the volume of data provided and lacked the required flexibility. As a result, the ZingChart project was born in 2008 and officially released about one year later.

Since then, we have not waited for an official release to add features. We have been working full time to improve ZingChart based on our internal needs and customer requests. We gathered all these additions and several new ones into ZingChart 2.0. And of course, ZingChart 2.0 still remains true to our original goals.

The ZingChart Mission

Our mission is to provide a charting and visualization system that is:


ZingChart has hundreds of features and can be used to create all kinds of visualizations, from the most simple charts that adhere to flat design principles, to complex dashboards and graphs that are heavily styled.


Is a web-based graph better than paper if you can't interact with it? ZingChart offers your users many ways to engage with your charts. Many features are built-in and we have a JavaScript API for even more.


ZingChart's scalability and modular design mean the library can be slimmed down to achieve your charting goals while staying small and fast. Go ahead, create multiple graphs on screen in the same canvas!


Most charting projects require more than 100 or even 500 data points. Yet key performance gains in some libraries seem to disappear with larger data sizes. Luckily, ZingChart exceeds the competition when it comes to large data packets.


ZingChart uses the latest technology appropriately. We use Ajax, JSON, HTML5, and we are JavaScript friendly. For us, modern means your charts work everywhere, including an iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device. And without any dependencies.

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Some FAQ's about our charting product.

Q: Is ZingChart free?

A: ZingChart is a software product with developers working full time to add features, fix bugs, and provide support. Our licensing options do offer some ways to use ZingChart at competitive price points.

If you really need free, you can use our free, branded version. We appreciate your help promoting our name far and wide. Download ZingChart (a free, branded version) now.

Q: Do you have every single chart type in the history of the world?

A: No single library has everything. While we have focused our efforts on the most popular chart types, our library offers many, many choices while still keeping ZingChart fast. Our full features list may help you find the specific chart type or feature for your project. Plus, ZingChart offers a number of chart types that other libraries lack or break out at separated costs.

Q: Is it easy to customize?

A: ZingChart provides a default theme, but infographic design is an art as well as a science. If you want help, we can do that (for a fee) or point you to others who can. Just like Photoshop doesn't make you a graphic artist, ZingChart can’t make your visualizations instant data masterpieces. But it gives you all the tools to make them useful and memorable.

Q: Is ZingChart difficult to learn?

A: It’s a fine line between offering a competitive feature set and overwhelming the user. However, we know our job is to hide complexity and we think we’ve done a pretty good job of making a usable charting tool.

ZingChart uses vanilla JavaScript, but if you work in other frameworks, we’ve got you covered for jQuery, Angular, and Ember.

Getting started is easier than ever. If you’ve already downloaded a trial, check out the getting started guide.

Another way to learn about using ZingChart is through our documentation. It contains attribute definitions and API details. Our new and improved documentation is the result of hours of time defining attributes, testing values, and making demos. We want our users to be able to take advantage of the deep feature set ZingChart offers.