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The easiest way to try ZingChart is to use our CDN service. Simply open up an HTML document, and continue to our Getting Started page. We have a copy and paste template that you can use to gain familiarity with our charts and experience firsthand what they are capable of.

Once familiar, we highly recommend that users download our latest version of ZingChart through our site here or at GitHub. ZingChart is also available through your favorite package manager: Bower or npm. (While CDN is a great introductory tool, we don't recommend it for long-term use due to its automatic version-control and possibility for outages. Read more here.)

Returning users who want to learn what's happened since their last visit can view our changelog.


Start creating charts through our easy-to-use CDN service.


Download ZingChart here or over at Github, and then get started on creating your first chart.


Download ZingChart

$ bower install zingchart
Get started with Bower.


Download ZingChart

$ npm install zingchart
Get started with npm.

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ZingChart is completely dependency-free, which means it does not require any additional libraries or frameworks to run. It is also compatible with many third-party integrations, including jQuery, AngularJS, ember, Backbone.js, React, Ruby, nodeJS, and php. We're constantly adding to and improving our product, and ZingChart's full capabilities are often far ahead of our documentation. Whatever you're looking for, we probably already have. ZingChart's support team is always available to answer your questions by email, phone, instant chat, or through the Contact Box below. Talk to us today.

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