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Welcome to the ZingChart documentation tool. Our goal is to make implementing ZingChart as easy and intuitive as possible (note the CSS-like attribute naming). Look here for information on getting started, chart rendering features, chart styling and customization, API methods for updating and modifying charts, API events, and links to other resources.

Getting Started

These simple tutorials walk you through your first charts with ZingChart and introduce important concepts such as how to include a ZingChart object in a page, how to best incorporate your data, and how to begin adding and manipulating core chart features.

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JSON Attributes/Syntax

In ZingChart, charts are primarily defined using JSON syntax. ZingChart contains a rich set of options for configuring all chart aspects including: plot data, scales, callouts, legends, title, interactive elements and numerous visual characteristics.

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API Methods & Events

ZingChart provides a rich API for controlling chart characteristics. Re-render a plot (reload), load new data (setseriesdata), modify existing charts (modifyplot), zoom in on a data range (zoomto), toggle various interactive features (togglelegend), and more.

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Chart Types

Each chart type in ZingChart is unique. Certain charts and graphs may have specific attributes or require a particular method of setting data in order to render correctly.

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ZingChart is home to a plethora of useful features designed to help you create the charts of your dreams. These articles about features will provide insight into the unique behaviors of each feature and help you to incorporate them in your charts.

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These tutorials will carry you through the steps of creating a chart. Start by rendering a simple chart, then add additional data, data indicators, and styling attributes to your chart.

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JSON Javascript

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$("#demo1").bind('click', function() {
  zingchart.exec("demo-chart", "addnode", {
    "value":zcdocs.utils.rvalue(0, 50)
$("#reset").bind('click', function() {
  zingchart.exec("demo-chart", "reload");