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ZingChart Support

ZingChart support engineers are available to help you with your charting projects. View our support pricing page for details.

All support inquiries should be emailed to to ensure a ticket is created and a response is delivered in a reasonable period of time. ZingChart, Inc. makes every effort to respond to support questions within 24 working hours, however due to high numbers of current requests and/or the difficulty of any given inquiry it may take longer than 24 working hours to respond.

ZingChart, Inc. only supports the most recent build of ZingChart. For any inquiry, demos will be provided using the most current build, unless ZingChart, Inc. determines that using a previous build is acceptable. Additionally, if a bug occurs, a fix can only be included in a future public release.

Support time is billed in 15 minute increments. When a support inquiry is made, the ZingChart team will evaluate the request. If appropriate, they will prepare a demo to show the solution. It should be assumed the ZingChart team will create a demo for every support inquiry. A request to ZingChart support will generate a support ticket and deduct a minimum of 15 minutes from your support hours.

Included Support

Most ZingChart licenses include support. Included support is always categorized as Product Level Support. Included support hours will be added to your account when you purchase a license. Please see the Product Support section for details on the specific amount of support included with your license.

Support and Maintenance Subscriptions

ZingChart offers prepaid annual support and maintenance subscriptions.

Support and maintenance subscriptions include 4, 8, 10, or 25 hours of product level support per year. The term of the support is 1 year from the time of purchase. Unused support hours will expire unless the support and maintenance subscription is renewed, then hours will carry over. New support hours will be added to your account upon renewal of the support and maintenance subscription.

Support and maintenance subscriptions include access to major version upgrades when all three of the following conditions are met:

  1. The support and maintenance subscription must be purchased within 90 days of your original ZingChart license.
  2. The subscription must meet the minimum support level or higher for your license (see below).
  3. The support and maintenance annual subscription is paid on time. Annual support and maintenance subscriptions are renewed annually. If annual maintenance contract renewals are not paid on time ZingChart, Inc. may nullify the subscription at its discretion.

Minimum Support Maintenance subscription required to access version upgrades:

ZingChart will continue to provide annual support hours and major version upgrades as long as the support and maintenance subscription is current.

Support and maintenance subscriptions include product-level support at a discounted rate. To take advantage of these discounted rates, you must purchase an annual support and maintenance subscription. The hours associated to these packages expire annually unless the subscription is renewed. If the subscription is renewed, unused hours carry over to the following subscription year.

Support and maintenance subscriptions may be cancelled at anytime. Should you choose to cancel a support and maintenance subscription, your hours will be available for one year from the purchase date. Additionally, if you have a support and maintenance subscription which grants access to upgrades, you will receive perpetual access to the newest version of ZingChart available at the time of your cancellation.

Once a support and maintenance subscription is cancelled, version upgrades must be purchased for the flat upgrade fee.

Product support hours that do not expire can be purchased at our standard rate of $175.00 per hour.

Product Support

Product-level support provides email access to the ZingChart team for questions, troubleshooting, bug fixes, and implementation assistance related to existing functionality of the ZingChart library.

Support questions should be emailed to

Additional hours of product support can be purchased at our standard rate of $175.00 per hour.

Premium Support

Premium-level support provides access to ZingChart core engineers. Premium support can be used for any level of consulting. This may cover additional product development, including new features, chart types, 3rd party integrations, and more. All premium level support is paid at our standard rate of $225.00 per hour.

Time estimates can be made available for feature requests.

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