Interactive Zoom Chart Feature

By | Published: August 18th, 2014

chart printed on paper

Web charts offer a distinct advantage over their printed-on-paper counterparts: interactivity. When you’re plotting large quantities of data, an interactive zooming chart feature, as well as a preview feature, will help make your charts more relevant for your users. There are a variety of ways zooming can be implemented in ZingChart. Choosing your zooming and preview options will depend, in part, on how much data you have and where it is stored.

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Business Intelligence Tools Minus the Frills

By | Published: August 12th, 2014

Business intelligence tools, or BI tools, are apps for retrieving, analyzing, and reporting data. Many BI tools come with a LOT of features – sometimes many more than may be necessary for an organization’s primary needs. Other times, they may lack customization features that are a primary requirement for an organization. Plus, most BI tools come with a hefty price tag.

Would you rather roll your own? Read on to find out why making your own dashboard works if you’re focused on dataviz, and how the ZingChart charting library can help you do it.

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JavaScript Charting and Dataviz Links

By | Published: July 18th, 2014

Its been another busy week for us here at ZingChart, adding features, making demos, and providing support. But amidst these activities, we came across some great links about JavaScript charting and dataviz, dashboards, and more. Take a look!

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