ZingChart-React Components

By | Published: July 20th, 2015

Last month we created an article on how to integrate ZingChart into a React application. We walked through the basics of how React works and the patterns you can follow to create dynamic charts that utilize React’s lifecycle.

This month, we are taking it a step further by releasing our own set of React components! The set of ZingChart-React components are very similar to the components in our last blog post, but we have made it easier for React developers to use. Here’s how it works…

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4 Steps to Better Dashboard Design

By | Published: July 16th, 2015

This week we read Lillian Pierson’s Data Science for Dummies. Pierson is a data science consultant and engineer, and she has assembled a trove of useful information, tips, and tutorials. The dashboard design chapter inspired us to make an eCommerce dashboard using ZingChart. Read on to see how our newest demo adheres to Pierson’s best practices for dashboard design.

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Summer ’15 JavaScript and Dataviz Digest

By | Published: July 7th, 2015

June was a busy month for the ZingChart team. We’ve been building cool new demos, developing third party integrations, and adding new features. Let’s take a look at some of these recent developments, as well as some of the impressive activity in the JavaScript and dataviz communities.

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